Nigel Farage is a bigger person than his detractors

Is Nigel Farage “snarling” or “aggressive”?  I don’t know, because I’ve not met him.
Do I care if he is?  No.  Why? Because he’s a terrific UKIP leader.

I would be worried were he an expenses cheat, or suspected pervert, or had some kind of terrible past, because that would make him blackmailable and therefore politically maleable.  But unlike a large number of other politicians, he is none of those things.

In any case, even if he is “snarling” or “aggressive”, is that such a bad thing in a leader, or even a Prime Minister?  I think not.  One only has to recall the “nice man”, John Major, to see what damage a wet blanket can do to the country.

So I say to all Farage’s detractors, wind your necks in.  If you want power, try gaining it the hard way, as Nigel has, instead of trying to stab him in the back. Your power-grubbing and whinging says more about your lack of character than it says about Nigel Farage.

Keep going Nigel.  You’re tops.

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