Nigel Farage is a bigger person than his detractors

Is Nigel Farage “snarling” or “aggressive”?  I don’t know, because I’ve not met him.
Do I care if he is?  No.  Why? Because he’s a terrific UKIP leader.

I would be worried were he an expenses cheat, or suspected pervert, or had some kind of terrible past, because that would make him blackmailable and therefore politically maleable.  But unlike a large number of other politicians, he is none of those things.

In any case, even if he is “snarling” or “aggressive”, is that such a bad thing in a leader, or even a Prime Minister?  I think not.  One only has to recall the “nice man”, John Major, to see what damage a wet blanket can do to the country.

So I say to all Farage’s detractors, wind your necks in.  If you want power, try gaining it the hard way, as Nigel has, instead of trying to stab him in the back. Your power-grubbing and whinging says more about your lack of character than it says about Nigel Farage.

Keep going Nigel.  You’re tops.

Mark Reckless’s double standing ovation – at UKIP Conference

Mark Reckless had only uttered the words:

“Today, I am leaving the Conservative Party”

… when the hall erupted into rapturous applause as they stood and held their smart phones a loft to record the moment. When the cheering abated sufficiently, Reckless continued:

“… and joining UKIP”.

More cheers and another thumping standing ovation. The beauty of Mark Reckless’s defection is the timing and what it says about Farage’s ability to keep a secret.  The slot during which Reckless spoke was designated as a half-hour slot for Farage, who had somehow managed to keep this amazing prize a complete and utter secret, right up to the last minute. I wonder which of Cameron and Farage the Queen would be most comfortable with as a keeper of secrets.



Nigel Farage says we must lose freedom if we want security. What?!

I’ve been a staunch UKIP supporter for nearly a decade, but unless there’s a damned good and detailed explanation for what Farage said in the USA last week, he has lost my support.

He said, with regard to recent ISIS activities:

“… and I’m sad to say this, but it probably means giving up some of the liberties that previously we have enjoyed …”

I would like him to explain what exactly he meant by this.  Is he saying that we should have more state control, or more intrusion into our lives?  Is he saying that the country should become more of a police state?

I think we should be told.

Has he sold us out?

And while he’s about it, perhaps he’d like to explain what his stance is on the TTIP treaty.  If he’s for it, then I will fight UKIP just as hard as I’ve fought LibLabCon, because TTIP is another Trojan horse, just like the EU treaties which have preceded it, which were also sold to us as being “trade agreements”.  I think many of us have learned from history and are determined not to repeat it.  You’d think Nigel would know better, wouldn’t you?

I’m not going to vote for another sell-out politician.

Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show, 01 Jun 2014

For some reason, BBC iPlayer won’t load today’s Andrew Marr Show, so if you’ve been having the same problems, here’s the Farage portion:



Newark by-election Poll – Survation / The Sun, puts UKIP 2nd, but up by 24% from the 2010 election result!

(CON 36% (-18)

UKIP 28% (+ 24),

LAB 27% (+ 4)

LD 5% (-15)

Others 5% (+5)

All it takes is a 4% swing from the Tories, which is not inconceivable.  The “don’t knows” at 4% might deliver a % or two.  There’s still all to play for.