News round-up of the “you couldn’t make it up” variety

Peter Hitchens has surpassed himself with a medley of superb commentaries in today’s Mail.

The Parliamentary watchdog, IPSA seems determined to upset the public with its insistence that MPs need a 10% pay rise.  The recommendation is so outrageous, given the cuts MPs have imposed on us while filling the pockets of all their banker cronies, that one is very tempted to entertain the notion that we are being deliberately provoked.    Either that, or someone should send in the white coats to Westminster.

It really does beggar belief that while Cameron upped the severity of the “terror” threat he says he believes that we face, the beheading suspect is facing a murder charge.  Nothing to do with Islam.  Oh no.  The dissonance is becoming deafening.

Meanwhile, riot police are being called in to a Lincolnshire  “immigration centre”, where an inmate died (of what, we are not told) and Gambians complained about not getting Gambian food at an immigration centre in Italy.  With all these beheadings, rapes, murders, incidents of election fraud and other fraud, we should just shut our borders.  But hey, the corporations wouldn’t like that, so we’ll just have to put up with it and investigate these crimes ourselves, because the police have decided not to.

As blogged yesterday, Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London who is to head the CSA inquiry, if May gets her way, is linked to Leon Brittan.  Please be sure to sign the petition to ensure that she does not head the inquiry.  Enough is enough.

Janet Daley is war-mongering.  She seems to believe that “without American leadership, freedom is in peril”.  No Janet, it’s the other way around – we will be more in peril should Obama take the world into another war.  We have quite enough terrorists, devastation and migrants from war- and plunder-ravaged countries, thank you very much.

That’s about as much insanity as I can bear, for the moment.  No doubt, there will be plenty more to follow.

Update: Jacob Rees-Mogg wants Nigel Farage to be Deputy PM.  That call must surely have turned Cameron’s face close to a shade of purple.

The EU’s Ukraine “blunder” that could lead to war

A video report by the Bruges Group on the Ukraine fiasco – the EU’s “beneficial crisis”.

The question is, did the EU create the crisis knowingly, or out of incompetence? Either way, it’s not an organisation with which we should be allied.

The video includes comments from Lord Tebbit, and the MPs Bernard Jenkin, Peter Bone and John Redwood.

Lord Tebbit, President of the Bruges Group, criticises western policy towards Russia. And, how over the last quarter of a century, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU and Nato have alienated Russia. He states that “it must look to a Russian that this is a rather aggressive posture being taken by the European state.”


John Redwood MP explains that “the EU has not behaved responsibly or sensibly.” And that “the EU seems to be flexing its words in a way that Russia finds worrying and provokes Russia into flexing its military muscles.”


Peter Bone MP called on William Hague to implement a British foreign policy. Peter Bone argued that the EU is trying to entice Ukraine, this has worried Russia. He outlines how the way the EU has behaved has not been helpful. Peter argues that it is wrong that there is an EU foreign policy and an EU foreign minister and that “we do not want escalating sanctions.


Bernard Jenkin MP describes those who want action against Russia as Euro-neo-cons. They are spreading instability within Eastern Europe and that the EU’s actions are “on the way to causing a civil war” in Ukraine. Bernard also argued that the EU should not be “fermenting divisions in order to bring Ukraine into the European orbit.

Syrian Press Conference: America, your President is lying

When you look at the recent history of America and the dollar,

… and you consider that earlier today, the president of Syria warned Obama that if he didn’t put a halt to his aggression towards Syria, Syria would reveal all,

… and that Obama is still determined to go to war with Syria,

… I think the world can make up its own mind, don’t you?



Democracy on the ascendant?

Mark Wallace doesn’t seem to think that the populace or Parliament should have a say in whether or not we go to war, even when that war has nothing to do with us.  He seems to think that the democratic decision was “mistaken”.

There was nothing mistaken about it.

He says:

“The consequences of the vote will be numerous. More Syrians will die, many of them probably through further uses of chemical weapons.”

He cannot be serious. How many more would / will die at the hands of US and its bombs? How many of them will be civilians?

You only need to look at Iraq and Libya to see that the West’s intervention has devastated those countries and has been responsible for atrocities against minorities – particularly Christians.

Is anyone proud of those results?

Is our country any safer, any freer or any more prosperous?

The only beneficiaries of these wars are:

* the banks, which finance all sides;
* the war machine;
* despotic elements which then go on to take power;
* the “security” services and Big State proponents and corporate hangers on.

The ordinary person has lost liberty and security and is paying for it all.

I’m glad democracy won. May it gain strength, once again.

Gibraltar: problem-reaction-solution?

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, claims that the dispute between Gibraltar and Spain was manufactured by Spain.  And certainly, the entire saga has had an air of unreality about it – particularly Britain’s warships docking in Gibraltar.  I thought all our  British EUphiles believed in the power of diplomacy and negotiation.  No?

I realise that Spain has been agitating over Gibraltar for ages – most notably during the past few decades.  But siren calls for the EU to “step in” to “resolve” the dispute lead me to suspect that the dispute was indeed manufactured, in order to provide the world with the spectre of the EU “preventing war”. After all, it has succeeded at nothing – so far – but impoverishing the continent via a massive transfer of wealth and power from the people to the bankers and kleptocrats.

And guess what?  The EU will be stepping in to “resolve” the dispute.  Didn’t take long, did it?

I suppose the EU needs to earn its Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s almost comical.