Why EUphile politicos are so keen to keep Scottish MPs in Wesminster

This question was posed by Mark B on John Redwood’s latest blog (on an English parliament).

He asked:

“What is the purpose of having Scottish MP’s in the first place since, they can no longer do or say anything on any matter whatsoever ?”

The purpose is to ram through any socialist legislation which wends its way from the EU through to Westmonster.  Since the English (or at least the older, non-politically conditioned of the race) are largely conservative, self-determining, self-reliant types, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, aware that legislation emanating from the EU is of a “collective” nature, know they need to quell the English voice.  The way they choose to do this is via the Scottish vote.  To hell with democracy.

Just look at the legislation that this awful administration managed to ram through parliament with the help of the Left.  That is why Cameron aimed for (and got) a coalition government in 2010: he knew he could not get that legislation through had he obtained a majority.  And let’s face it, he could have achieved a resounding majority, had he run on conservative principles.  Yet, he resolutely refused to do so.

Cameron is no conservative and nor has he ever been a conservative – otherwise, he would not be married to an heir of the Astor family, would he?

In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest that Cameron was groomed as an EU “sleeper” agent.  When he grabbed the Conservative leadership from David Davis, many were amazed at how he managed to do it, proclaiming that it must have been his brilliant speech.  Can it not have been below-the-radar manipulations by the unseen hands that have been running this country from before Heath’s time?

I suspect so.

Let’s not forget that butchering England into city regions was first mooted by Osborne.  So we can probably safely assume that it formed part of an unwritten agreement between EUphile Cameron and Clegg when they agreed to go into coalition.