Mark Reckless’s double standing ovation – at UKIP Conference

Mark Reckless had only uttered the words:

“Today, I am leaving the Conservative Party”

… when the hall erupted into rapturous applause as they stood and held their smart phones a loft to record the moment. When the cheering abated sufficiently, Reckless continued:

“… and joining UKIP”.

More cheers and another thumping standing ovation. The beauty of Mark Reckless’s defection is the timing and what it says about Farage’s ability to keep a secret.  The slot during which Reckless spoke was designated as a half-hour slot for Farage, who had somehow managed to keep this amazing prize a complete and utter secret, right up to the last minute. I wonder which of Cameron and Farage the Queen would be most comfortable with as a keeper of secrets.