Rotherham Muslim sex pest escapes jail due to “good character”

Apparently, Judge Paul Watson QC found Raja Hussain guilty, but suspended his jail sentence due to “good character”.  Perhaps the judge would like to explain how a person who pesters teenagers on trains for sex is of “good character”.

What are we to make of the fact that it is Ken Clarke who recommended Watson’s  appointment as circuit judge?

Judge Paul Watson appointed circuit judge by Ken Clarke

Interesting, yes?  Let’s not forget that Pie & Mash Films documentary maker Bill Malone has interviewed those who allege they have been abused by Ken Clarke or that Ken Clarke was present when abuse was taking place.

Let’s see how long this video remains available to the general public. Perhaps we should all download it before it disappears.

Censorship: Telegraph jimmying the comments

On Norman Tebbit’s blog today, (“Political correctness created the silence that allowed Rotherham“) I wrote a comment, which received top billing.  I then found that the ordering of the comments had been jimmied, such that those with a lower score were above mine, even though the sort order was by “best”.

Finally, I returned to the comments to find that my comment had been completely removed, without even so much as a placeholder to mark the spot.

Now, I don’t care whether or not my comment is top or not – all I care about is that the points I made are heard / read, which is why I write the damned things, in the first place.

So who is responsible for messing with the comments?

And why was my comment removed?

Here is what I wrote – you can judge for yourself:

Even now, the media refuses to report on the ethnicity and religion of the man who beheaded the octogenarian in Edmonton. We can all guess the truth, so glossing over it will only inflame passions further.

Politicians who continue to push multiculturalism and diversity over the interests of the locals are culpable and need to be purged from Westminster  – along with the politically ‘correct’ civil servants that they have installed within the system.

Vote the whole rotten lot out.