Road building comes at a price: ‘Smart’ motorways are being installed

Thought the government was finally building some useful roads?

Well, no.  The government is installing in ‘smart’ roads.  These roads will have sensors, like the M4, in readiness for road pricing (per kilometer), remote speed control (permitted by new cars), driverless cars and much, much more.

Of course, cars will be probably be Internet-enabled, but in any case, almost all drivers carry either a ‘phone or satnav, so most cars are already Internet-enabled.  The smart grid includes not only smart meters, but smart streets (Intellistreets), smart roads, smart cards, smart cars and smart ‘things’.

Most of these ‘smart’ intrusions rely on wireless network technology, whose proliferation is already causing health problems.

If we allow it, our world will be controlled by a ‘smart’ “Internet of Things” – a term coined by IBM who has been at the forefront of this control grid of the technocratic globalists.

Kill it before it multiplies.