Douglas Carswell: brave, respectable, worthy

Dear Douglas,

I’m fresh out of hospital, recovering from a burst appendix, so I will make this brief.

Firstly, I should imagine that you will be somewhat bewildered by the sheer amount of freedom that being a UKIPer gives you (as opposed to the oppressive control that you no doubt experienced in the ‘Conservative’ Party). Remember: freedom has pitfalls and responsibilities, but I’m sure you need not be reminded of that.

I applaud the actions you have taken to join UKIP.  Instead of taking the easy option of merely jumping ship, you have chosen to do things the hard way, the right way.  While the “right way” of doing things brings with it its own hardships, the rewards will be greater because your detractors will have a harder time attacking you: you’ve not left them with sufficient a target to do so.

Well done.

There will be relentless attempts to criticize, marginalise, ridicule and isolate you – not just from the usual channels or from your natural enemies, but also from those you had previously considered to be your friends and colleagues.  Expect it and be strong.  The public will support you because you have shown integrity.  You have put your own career on the line for what you (and they) consider to be the “right thing” to do.

When in doubt, during those dark nights of the soul and the dark days of betrayal that will surely follow, think Ghandi.

It is instructive to see life as akin to a game of draughts: each move you make determines the options that will be available to you in the future.

Choose wisely, have courage, and be quietly confident.  Say grounded.  You are amongst friends now.  Welcome.

Best wishes,


The difference between Edward Snowden and government

“It’s ironic that officials are giving classified information to journalists in an effort to discredit me for giving classified information to journalists.

The difference is that I did so to inform the public about the government’s actions, and they’re doing so to misinform the public about mine.”

                          — Edward Snowden

Hat tip: Michael Nystrom, Daily Paul, via: How Edward Snowden Used Low Cost Software to Download All That Data

Understanding UKIP

Mark Wallace “gets it” – he scores 8 out of 10 in my book.

My take is that UKIPers are passionate about justice, common sense and self-determination.

Justice does not exist in this country. The thousands of criminal offences, the complicated law, the high cost of legal representation means that “justice” is done at the government’s whim. Secret courts and juryless trials, the EAW and US extradition treaties nullify habeas corpus. That is not justice.

Common sense derives from the considered, rational opinions of intelligent, informed, compassionate people – not from the hydra of automated systems of penalties, rules and regulations, which regularise the sanity out of decision-making.

Self-determination is about the freedom to achieve on a level playing field, and the freedom to fail – provided that one does not harm others. That’s where a good justice system comes in.

But UKIPers are also about integrity. We value people with courage, conviction and honesty. We value people who are genuinely compassionate and who cannot be bought.

Try finding those values in any of the three “main” parties.