Enoch Powell: A man of vision

The Enoch Powell of integrity and vision is not recognised by the presstitutes who write for once great newspapers.  I won’t link to their articles, out of principle.

Today’s papers are full of bile for the great patriot, Enoch Powell.  They cannot afford to have Powell’s words accepted by society because they all want uncontrolled immigration and the truth will kill off their hegemonic dream – which has become a nightmare for most people.

Thank you, Enoch Powell. Rest in peace.

Here is his famous “Rivers of Blood” speech, delivered to the General Meeting of the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre on 20 April 1968.  It criticised Commonwealth immigration, and anti-discrimination legislation that had been proposed in the United Kingdom.

News round-up of the “you couldn’t make it up” variety

Peter Hitchens has surpassed himself with a medley of superb commentaries in today’s Mail.

The Parliamentary watchdog, IPSA seems determined to upset the public with its insistence that MPs need a 10% pay rise.  The recommendation is so outrageous, given the cuts MPs have imposed on us while filling the pockets of all their banker cronies, that one is very tempted to entertain the notion that we are being deliberately provoked.    Either that, or someone should send in the white coats to Westminster.

It really does beggar belief that while Cameron upped the severity of the “terror” threat he says he believes that we face, the beheading suspect is facing a murder charge.  Nothing to do with Islam.  Oh no.  The dissonance is becoming deafening.

Meanwhile, riot police are being called in to a Lincolnshire  “immigration centre”, where an inmate died (of what, we are not told) and Gambians complained about not getting Gambian food at an immigration centre in Italy.  With all these beheadings, rapes, murders, incidents of election fraud and other fraud, we should just shut our borders.  But hey, the corporations wouldn’t like that, so we’ll just have to put up with it and investigate these crimes ourselves, because the police have decided not to.

As blogged yesterday, Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London who is to head the CSA inquiry, if May gets her way, is linked to Leon Brittan.  Please be sure to sign the petition to ensure that she does not head the inquiry.  Enough is enough.

Janet Daley is war-mongering.  She seems to believe that “without American leadership, freedom is in peril”.  No Janet, it’s the other way around – we will be more in peril should Obama take the world into another war.  We have quite enough terrorists, devastation and migrants from war- and plunder-ravaged countries, thank you very much.

That’s about as much insanity as I can bear, for the moment.  No doubt, there will be plenty more to follow.

Update: Jacob Rees-Mogg wants Nigel Farage to be Deputy PM.  That call must surely have turned Cameron’s face close to a shade of purple.

Censorship: Telegraph jimmying the comments

On Norman Tebbit’s blog today, (“Political correctness created the silence that allowed Rotherham“) I wrote a comment, which received top billing.  I then found that the ordering of the comments had been jimmied, such that those with a lower score were above mine, even though the sort order was by “best”.

Finally, I returned to the comments to find that my comment had been completely removed, without even so much as a placeholder to mark the spot.

Now, I don’t care whether or not my comment is top or not – all I care about is that the points I made are heard / read, which is why I write the damned things, in the first place.

So who is responsible for messing with the comments?

And why was my comment removed?

Here is what I wrote – you can judge for yourself:

Even now, the media refuses to report on the ethnicity and religion of the man who beheaded the octogenarian in Edmonton. We can all guess the truth, so glossing over it will only inflame passions further.

Politicians who continue to push multiculturalism and diversity over the interests of the locals are culpable and need to be purged from Westminster  – along with the politically ‘correct’ civil servants that they have installed within the system.

Vote the whole rotten lot out.

Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show, 01 Jun 2014

For some reason, BBC iPlayer won’t load today’s Andrew Marr Show, so if you’ve been having the same problems, here’s the Farage portion:



Newark by-election Poll – Survation / The Sun, puts UKIP 2nd, but up by 24% from the 2010 election result!

(CON 36% (-18)

UKIP 28% (+ 24),

LAB 27% (+ 4)

LD 5% (-15)

Others 5% (+5)

All it takes is a 4% swing from the Tories, which is not inconceivable.  The “don’t knows” at 4% might deliver a % or two.  There’s still all to play for.

Points-based immigration would make Brits more likely to accept immigrants because …

Raheem Kassam’s latest great article provides evidence of the Mail’s hypcritical Janus-like stance on Romanian immigration and its undeniable link to crime in the UK.

mrangryextele illumnated us on the interests of the Mail:

The Daily Mail is owned by “Daily Mail and General Trust plc” the chairman of this conglomerate and controlling shareholder is Harold Jonathan Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere.

He is a supporter of the Conservative Party leader David Cameron. He has Non-Domicile tax status and owns his media businesses through a complex structure of offshore holdings and trusts which entail him paying almost no UK tax on his income, investments or wealth.


Follow the money.

… while stuckgear made an excellent point as to how to make immigration more acceptable:

Also, such articles actually enforce Farage’s position, but the MSM is too dumb to realise it..

Let me explain..

Farage is for a points based immigration system, with the resultant that
should a Romanian, Bulgarian, or whatever nationality (nationality not race ..) move in next door, neighbours and the wider community would have the implicit understanding that immigration is granted on merit and as such devoid of criminal gangs, murderers, violent offenders on the run from the authorities in their own state, terrorist cells, kiddie fiddlers or indeed any of the scum of the world that waltzes into the UK on fake papers and cannot be removed…

Immigrants would thus be accepted as contributors to society not freeloading criminal scum looking to take what they can out of society.

Ergo, by a points based system as per UKIP, concern as the sancttity of immigrants would be removed.



An awesome response by Nigel Farage (hat-tip Guido Fawkes) on the so-called “car crash” O’Brien interview:

LibLabCon take note: this is why people respect Farage and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

UKIP’s response to BBC’s misleading Romania / Bulgaria immigration poll

“A poll commissioned by the BBC where they report “few people” planning to migrate to the UK from Romania and Bulgaria is misleading, according to UKIP.  The BBC have today issued the (narrative) results of research they have undertaken regarding the likelihood of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens coming to live and work in the UK in 2013 and 2014. These results have given rise to headlines on the BBC News today saying that “few” people are planning to migrate to the UK and there is “no indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx”.

Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader said: “Looking at the figures which the BBC have quoted in their report, their survey of 1,014 Bulgarian adults showed that 37% had considered moving to another EU state in the past five years (2.7m people); and that 36% intend to work elsewhere in the EU in 2013/14 (2.65m), of which 9.3% (689,000) stated the UK was their destination.  In the survey of Romanian adults, 33% had considered moving to another EU state in the past five years (6.3m people); and 36% intend to work elsewhere in the EU in 2013/14 (1.8m), of which 4.6% (338,000) stated the UK was their destination.  Together, the total considering moving to the UK in 2013 and 2014 was therefore over a million.

“More startlingly, though, the BBC has then concocted their astonishing ‘nothing to see here’ headlines out of a series of follow up questions. If you convert their stated percentages into real figures, the story is a good deal more shocking than the BBC’s headlines suggest.  It is surely perverse to suggest that there is nothing to worry about, when their own survey shows that 83,537 people (76,172 Romanians and 7,365 Bulgarians) are already attending job interviews in the UK; 263,337 people (57,129 Romanians and 206,208 Bulgarians) are currently looking for a job in the UK with the help of a recruitment company; 236,405 people (133,301 Romanians and 103,104 Bulgarians) are currently looking for a job in the UK without the help of arecruitment company; and 164,547 (76,172 Romanians and 88,375 Bulgarians) are already in the process of finding a place to live in the UK.”

Nigel Farage added:

“According to the BBC’s own figures, the total number of people in Bulgaria and Romania who are actively looking for a job in the UK is 499,741; while another 248,082 are progressing a job application or looking for accommodation.  In short, according to the BBC’s survey, three-quarters of a million adults from Romania and Bulgaria are currently in the process of trying to move to the UK in 2013/2014.  Theses are figures that we should be worried about, when we have significant and rising youth unemployment, when the NAO says that next year the country will be 250,000 primary school places short, and when the Government admit that they want to build on 1,500 square miles to accommodate the increase in population.  It looks to me that the BBC is engaging, with its headlining of this story, not in reporting the facts, but in influencing the debate.”


Total population of Bulgaria: 7,364,570

Total population of Romania: 19,042,936

Population of Bulgaria aged 15-65: 5,030,001

Population of Romania aged 15-65:13,272,926

Each 1% of Bulgarians in survey: 73,646

Each 1% of Romanians in survey: 190,429