The Conservative Party is doomed

Lewis Baston, political consultant, ponders over UKIP’s future and political longevity – as compared to other small parties in Britain’s history.

But UKIP is in a “very different category” to those he cites.

Interest in UKIP stayed below 3% for more than a decade, it being unable to break through the credibility barrier in the public’s mind.

Three things changed all that:

  1. The implementation (as opposed to the ratification) of the Lisbon Treaty;
  2. Cameron’s slipperiness (saying one thing while simultaneously doing exactly the opposite);
  3. The Eurozone meltdown.

UKIP had been warning about the dangers to democracy and sovereignty inherent in the Lisbon Treaty, but back then, the public couldn’t bring itself to accept that the entire political machinery could be involved in a lie of such magnitude – a global conspiracy, if you like. Once implementation of the treaty began to roll out, everything UKIP had warned about began to manifest, in cold, cruel reality. With that as a backdrop, it was possible for the public to predict what would follow, because it had all been foretold by UKIP.

Cameron’s duplicity, slipperiness in all things – including his political colours (non- or even anti-conservative) – outraged Conservatives who had been waiting for salvation from the socialist / Marxist mire it was in, wrought by the most unpopular PMs in living memory for most – Bliar and McDoom. That Cameron couldn’t win outright against Brown was a gut-felt disappointment to many and confirmation of his non-conservative bent to many others. Every action he has taken since then has confirmed the suspicions of most conservatives that Cameron is following some kind of private / secret agenda which he chooses not to share with the rest of us.

The Eurozone meltdown added petrol to the fire, in that it became obvious that we, the voting public, were being forced to pay for our own destruction – short of revolution, there being nothing they (we) could do about it.

So UKIP is now a vehicle for the vehemently sovereignty-loving, freedom-loving people of this country who rightly see UKIP as the only route out of the deep hole we are in, liblabcon being co-conspirators in the corporatist take-over of Britain and overthrow of its democratic system.

Finally, the distrust in Cameron and the corrupt political system has made a large proportion of the population aware that the Conservative Party has been infiltrated to such a degree – like a cancer patient – that it is no longer possible or practical to consider reviving it. The cancer has taken over the party and its condition is terminal.