Gibraltar: problem-reaction-solution?

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, claims that the dispute between Gibraltar and Spain was manufactured by Spain.  And certainly, the entire saga has had an air of unreality about it – particularly Britain’s warships docking in Gibraltar.  I thought all our  British EUphiles believed in the power of diplomacy and negotiation.  No?

I realise that Spain has been agitating over Gibraltar for ages – most notably during the past few decades.  But siren calls for the EU to “step in” to “resolve” the dispute lead me to suspect that the dispute was indeed manufactured, in order to provide the world with the spectre of the EU “preventing war”. After all, it has succeeded at nothing – so far – but impoverishing the continent via a massive transfer of wealth and power from the people to the bankers and kleptocrats.

And guess what?  The EU will be stepping in to “resolve” the dispute.  Didn’t take long, did it?

I suppose the EU needs to earn its Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s almost comical.