You are more powerful than you imagine

Marc Glendening* has written a thoughtful, thought-provoking piece on ConHome on the “war wars”, totalitarianism and democracy.

But sadly, some people still believe that although our nation has been invaded by totalitarians, there is “nothing we can do about it”.

If we believe that there is nothing we can do about it, we will surely fail to remedy the situation.

We need to use every means at our disposal to do so – both individually and via alliances. Positive thinking has power, if the will is in accord and action follows.

Firstly, nobody should simply believe any politician because it is convenient to do so. Everything must be checked.

Secondly, we have seen, via the Syrian war defeat, that determined revolt can change the minds of even the most fanatical. We need more of that – on every contentious issue.

Thirdly, we should refuse to comply with laws that are patently unjust. Too many people believe that if the government writes down a law on a piece of paper, then that law should override moral sense and natural law. One wonders whether they would accept a law which called for the killing of all first-borns.

It is our moral duty to put every obstacle in the way of the totalitarians: make the tasks they have set for themselves impossible to achieve.

One thing that many people overlook is the power of the jury – and the totalitarians are very happy to see the jury trial disappear.


Because the role of the jury is twofold:

  1. to weigh up the facts in a case and determine whether or not the accused is guilty of breaking the law, and, more importantly,
  2. to determine whether the law itself is just.

Take a moment to ponder that second duty: a single juror can liberate an innocent man charged with breaking an unjust law. Taken with the Common Law precedent system, we can bring down the rotten edifice of the EU case by case. Drip, drip, drip.

We have power. We just need to learn how to use it.


* Campaign Director of the Democracy Movement

Gibraltar: problem-reaction-solution?

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, claims that the dispute between Gibraltar and Spain was manufactured by Spain.  And certainly, the entire saga has had an air of unreality about it – particularly Britain’s warships docking in Gibraltar.  I thought all our  British EUphiles believed in the power of diplomacy and negotiation.  No?

I realise that Spain has been agitating over Gibraltar for ages – most notably during the past few decades.  But siren calls for the EU to “step in” to “resolve” the dispute lead me to suspect that the dispute was indeed manufactured, in order to provide the world with the spectre of the EU “preventing war”. After all, it has succeeded at nothing – so far – but impoverishing the continent via a massive transfer of wealth and power from the people to the bankers and kleptocrats.

And guess what?  The EU will be stepping in to “resolve” the dispute.  Didn’t take long, did it?

I suppose the EU needs to earn its Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s almost comical.

EU-US “trade deal” is reminiscent of the “Common Market”

In Ken Clarke’s piece today, the top-rated comment was removed.  It simply said something along the lines of “Fresh from the Bilderberg meeting”, meaning that Ken has his orders from them.

Isn’t it odd that the Telegraph deleted that particular, inoffensive comment, when it left so many others which personally attack Ken Clarke?  Why would they do that, if not to hide the real reason behind the Bilderberg meeting?

Lindsay Jenkins, on ConHome, senses that there’s a piece missing – something we’re not being told.

I believe that the missing piece is a trade deal between the US, which essentially melds US and EU policy in much the same way as the “Common Market” melded the UK’s and Europe’s.

What we are looking at here is the beginning of global governance that Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the WTO, spoke about in 2009.

He said, in a speech at the Bocconi University:

“Today, more than ever, our governance systems, whether in Europe or at the global level, must provide citizens with avenues for shaping tomorrow’s world, the one they want their children to inherit. Among the many regional integration attempts, the European Union remains the laboratory of international governance — the place where the new technological frontier of international governance is being tested.”

The transcript of that speech can be found here on the WTO site.

Update:  UK Column Live kindly covered this issue today.  Thank you, guys.  People are ready to hear this and your platform gives this message legs.




Back door “snoopers’ charter” via Google

In view of the GCHQ spying operations on the public via the NSA, it is clear that the British government is paying the US government (amongst others) to spy on us, the population – the people whose liberties they are avowed to protect.  And we’re paying for our own surveillance prison.

It seems to me that the US wants the UK in the EU because it has always wanted to set up a global surveillance network.  The UK was its conduit. Via Google, et al, of course.

stelliosmavrakis‘s take on Google increasingly common:

“There was an article in the Telegraph a few days ago on Google’s plans to map and street view every inch of the planet. This was my comment in response to this, starting with the relevant paragraph from the article, to put my comment in context.
‘Our goal is to put together a sort of digital mirror of the world,” says Dan Sieberg, a Google exec and self-described “evangelist” for the Google Maps revolution. (Religious imagery comes naturally to Googlers: one of Sieberg’s colleagues describes him as a “guru”. The whole company has a slight hippy-cult feel to it’

So there we are, the greatest most comprehensive surveillance machine created and put in place by a bunch of  ‘get obscenely  rich’ so called ‘hippies,’ a machine will be refined and honed to perfection by Governments as they slowly bit by bit  implement mechanisms for totalitarian control of their ‘citizens’.
Oh, how the authorities must be rubbing their hands together at the prospect at all this, that  systems, that they know they themselves could never impose on the ‘people,’ are being put in place by intelligent, but seriously naïve profit driven ‘Google world zealots’ who have zero forward vision and delude themselves, that at the same time, they are somehow carrying forward the anti materialistic, and anti authoritarian hippy flag mantra, a whole life philosophy that just  ‘Google Glasses’ alone, is the absolute antithesis of, which or course will soon be worn by police, parking attendants, refuse collectors and all the rest of the usual collection of small minded officials  and ‘jobs worths.’

OK, I know, I know, Google, if you didn’t do it someone else would, but what is your ‘famous’ strapline then, that ‘good people’ do nothing about’ for it to exist in the first place.
Thanks Google! for a wonderful world! How future generations will look back and thank you.

Well, basically it horrifies me to be proved 100% right immediately, as I thought this level of extreme control was still a few years way, but why is it that the majority of people are totally blind to the ghastly world that computer technology is creating? and the staggering obvious fact that by such appalling abuse by the ‘authorities’ of private citizens rights, it destroys the very principles that western democracy is founded on. Basically the terrorists have already won.”

Of course, if we all stopped using Google, its fortunes and its influence would evaporate:  it feeds off our searches and communications.

Stop feeding the Google search engine, the Gmail account, G+, the Google phone, the apps, the Google blogs.  Ditch the lot.

Instead of Google eating us for lunch, let’s gobble it up and spit it out.

Quit the Google habit!

Britain for business could be our ticket out of this EU mad house

Douglas Carswell hopes that Business for Britain will tip the balance in favour of the Better Off Outers by removing from the FCO a trump card (or should that be a Joker?) that it has used time and again to bamboozle the public: that British business is in favour of our remaining in the EU.

I agree.  While Business for Britain has no chance of effecting a renegotiation due to the EU’s “ever closer union” goal, it does give the BOO camp more ammo.

It is clear that the Sir Humphreys of this world run the show – those who would “undermine, subvert or control the legitimate government of the UK”, either for political or ideological reasons, or because they have been bought by the EU.

As someone remarked, MPs don’t listen to their constituents, Cameron doesn’t listen to MPs and civil servants don’t obey orders from the elected government.”


The EU subversion programme has broken the links between the levers and the cogs in all our governmental and quasi-governmental institutions. In effect, the cogs – placemen – are running the show, while those elected to pull the levers find that those levers have precisely zero effect and that they don’t have the power they thought they had.

This type of subversion is clearly laid out in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals“.  That ghastly Clinton woman wrote a thesis on Alinsky’s work, Obama was carefully schooled in it (he was a “Community Organizer”) and Cameron is a self-confessed fan of both Alinsky and Cass Sunstein.

When you put those pieces together, having read Alinsky’s book and surveyed our current socio-political landscape, it’s not difficult to discern the UK’s trajectory, as plotted by the unelected who have brought us all to this unholy pass.

Burying bad news: Osborne gave our financial autonomy away


Mary-Ellen Synon tells us that

“the Cameron-Clegg government has colluded in the establishment of an EU economic government.”.

… of which we are a part.  EU Commissioner, Olli Rehn apparently has the power to pass judgement on “macroeconomic imbalances” and to order member states to do whatever he wants them to do.

Am I just being cynical, or did the EU choose to announce this while the country is mourning Maggie – to bury bad news?