The difference between Edward Snowden and government

“It’s ironic that officials are giving classified information to journalists in an effort to discredit me for giving classified information to journalists.

The difference is that I did so to inform the public about the government’s actions, and they’re doing so to misinform the public about mine.”

                          — Edward Snowden

Hat tip: Michael Nystrom, Daily Paul, via: How Edward Snowden Used Low Cost Software to Download All That Data

Glenn Greenwald Keynote Speech, Hamburg

Says Boing Boing:

Yesterday in Hamburg, Glenn Greenwald gave an astounding, must-watch keynote address to the gathered hackers at the 30th Chaos Communications Congress, or 30C3 (Greenwald starts at 4:36). Greenwald excoriated the press for failing to hold the world’s leaders to account, describing what he did with the Snowden leaks as challenge to the journalistic status quo as well as the political status quo. This is a leaping-off point for an extended riff on the active cooperation between the press and the national security apparatus, an arrangement calculated to give the appearance of oversight on surveillance activities without any such oversight (for example, BBC reporter expressed shock when he said that the role of the press should be to root out lies from senior spies, saying that generals and senior officials would ever lie to the public).

Glenn Greenwald demolishes Kirsty Wark

She didn’t stand a chance. The look on her face as he tears through her BS (and I’m sure I detected a moistening brow) suggests that she knows her argument was torpedoed below the water line.

Sheer poetic justice.


The NSA debate is as much about journalism as surveillance – Glenn Greenwald, Guardian

Wikileaks “insurance” data dump on Facebook and Twitter

Business Insider tells us that:

“…. Wikileaks just released a treasure trove of files that, at least for now, you can’t read.

The group, which has been assisting ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden after he leaked top-secret documents to the media, posted links for about 400 gigabytes of files on their Facebook page Saturday, and asked their fans to download and mirror them elsewhere.”

Presumably, passwords to decrypt the data will be released should “security” services attack Assange.

Edward Snowden legal defence fund

from Wikileaks:

“The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund raises money for Journalistic sources’ legal defence. Periodically it will nominate sources it wishes to direct legal and campaign aide to. For its first source it has selected Mr. Edward Snowden whose revelations have exposed the extent to which the world is being mass surveilled by the United States.

Derek Rothera & Company Charted Accountants is appointed to administer the Fund, which is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund is audited and can only spend funds on the legal defence campaign of the nominated journalistic sources. The terms of the fund and its trustees can be obtained from Rothera & Co.

Mr. Snowden is currently in Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum. The United States government is exerting substantial pressure on Russia and other countries in an attempt to force Mr. Snowden to the United States where he will face decades in prison or worse.

Mr. Snowden’s legal defence and its associated public campaign will be a long and expensive journey which will only be overcome with your support. Support the right to know. Support Edward Snowden.”

Donate here.


RT: Only 3% think Russia should extradite Snowden

According to RT‘s poll:

“Should Russia grant Edward Snowden political asylum?

  • 85% – Yes, Russia should protect the whistleblower’s rights
  • 3% – No, Snowden should be handed over to US jurisdiction
  • 8% – It makes no difference, the CIA will catch him in the end
  • 4% – Any involvement must be avoided as it endangers US-Russian relations”

So,only 3% want Snowden to be handed over to the Feds.

Unfortunately, there’s no link directly to the poll, so it will probably disappear without trace before too long.  But also, there’s no information given as to the sample size or demographics, etc.



Glenn Greenwald’s speech on Snowden and Freedom

I’ve never admired a left-wing journalist before, but Glenn Greenwald is a class apart from the bought and paid for, obedient, useful idiots that infest the offices of corporate media.

A damned fine speech from a clear-thinking courageous man worthy of the label “investigative journalist”.  He has decided to discard his fear and do what’s right – like Edward Snowden.

Forget Left and Right – these are divisive labels which hide much of what supporters of each wing has in common: individual liberty is an issue on which the Left and the Right can unite.

If the Left and Right join forces in the wake and on the back of the NSA revelation, the heroic sacrifice of Snowden and the courage of Greenwald and Wikileaks can provide us with an opportunity to tear down the Babylon that has been created over decades by the corporate vampires and warmongers.

If the dark forces can’t divide us, they can’t win.