Cameron WILL pay the EU’s €2billion bill

Why do I say that? Because here is what he said (my emphasis):

“But it has never been the case that a €2billion bill is suddenly presented. I am not paying that bill on December 1. If people think I am, they have got another thing coming. It is not going to happen. We are not suddenly going to get out our chequebook and write a cheque for €2billion. We will challenge this in every way possible. There may indeed be legal action.”

So Cameron’s gripe is that the enormous bill was presented “suddenly”.  He says he is not paying that bill, but qualifies his statement with “on December 1”.  Thus, he has left himself an escape route which, if he is true to form, he will use.

PS: It is clear, from the Mail’s graph below, that by loading the majority of the budget increase onto a small minority of countries, the EU Commission is counting on there being no support amongst member states for Cameron’s ‘fight’ against it. The allocation has Britain so spectacularly out in front as the major contributor that it looks more like a snooker: the EU Commission is counting on there being next to no support for a Cameron bid for a rethink.

This should test Cameron’s mettle and EU leanings.

UK's EU bill of 1

Cameron’s BS on corporation tax

In Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference today, he stated that he wants lower corporate taxes in the UK than other countries.

David Cameron says:  “We have cut your taxes. Now you must pay what you owe.”

If they owe the money, then can’t you take them to court for not paying, Mr Cameron?  Oh, the law doesn’t allow you to do that?  Well then, why not change the law?  Oh, because the corporations won’t pay into Conservative Party coffers?

Cameron has given the corporations tax breaks at the expense of the ordinary man, whose business has been undercut by those very corporate tax breaks.  And yet the ordinary man is not asked nicely to pay: he pays or goes to jail.

Cameron’s “Now you must pay what you owe” line is pure PR BS.

And about those zero hours contracts that Cameron says he will scrap – the ones which his government brought into being:  why doesn’t he scrap them now?  Why did he allow them to proliferate in the first place, if not to massage the employment figures in the most dishonest way possible?



Why EUphile politicos are so keen to keep Scottish MPs in Wesminster

This question was posed by Mark B on John Redwood’s latest blog (on an English parliament).

He asked:

“What is the purpose of having Scottish MP’s in the first place since, they can no longer do or say anything on any matter whatsoever ?”

The purpose is to ram through any socialist legislation which wends its way from the EU through to Westmonster.  Since the English (or at least the older, non-politically conditioned of the race) are largely conservative, self-determining, self-reliant types, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, aware that legislation emanating from the EU is of a “collective” nature, know they need to quell the English voice.  The way they choose to do this is via the Scottish vote.  To hell with democracy.

Just look at the legislation that this awful administration managed to ram through parliament with the help of the Left.  That is why Cameron aimed for (and got) a coalition government in 2010: he knew he could not get that legislation through had he obtained a majority.  And let’s face it, he could have achieved a resounding majority, had he run on conservative principles.  Yet, he resolutely refused to do so.

Cameron is no conservative and nor has he ever been a conservative – otherwise, he would not be married to an heir of the Astor family, would he?

In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest that Cameron was groomed as an EU “sleeper” agent.  When he grabbed the Conservative leadership from David Davis, many were amazed at how he managed to do it, proclaiming that it must have been his brilliant speech.  Can it not have been below-the-radar manipulations by the unseen hands that have been running this country from before Heath’s time?

I suspect so.

Let’s not forget that butchering England into city regions was first mooted by Osborne.  So we can probably safely assume that it formed part of an unwritten agreement between EUphile Cameron and Clegg when they agreed to go into coalition.

The Conservative Party is doomed

Lewis Baston, political consultant, ponders over UKIP’s future and political longevity – as compared to other small parties in Britain’s history.

But UKIP is in a “very different category” to those he cites.

Interest in UKIP stayed below 3% for more than a decade, it being unable to break through the credibility barrier in the public’s mind.

Three things changed all that:

  1. The implementation (as opposed to the ratification) of the Lisbon Treaty;
  2. Cameron’s slipperiness (saying one thing while simultaneously doing exactly the opposite);
  3. The Eurozone meltdown.

UKIP had been warning about the dangers to democracy and sovereignty inherent in the Lisbon Treaty, but back then, the public couldn’t bring itself to accept that the entire political machinery could be involved in a lie of such magnitude – a global conspiracy, if you like. Once implementation of the treaty began to roll out, everything UKIP had warned about began to manifest, in cold, cruel reality. With that as a backdrop, it was possible for the public to predict what would follow, because it had all been foretold by UKIP.

Cameron’s duplicity, slipperiness in all things – including his political colours (non- or even anti-conservative) – outraged Conservatives who had been waiting for salvation from the socialist / Marxist mire it was in, wrought by the most unpopular PMs in living memory for most – Bliar and McDoom. That Cameron couldn’t win outright against Brown was a gut-felt disappointment to many and confirmation of his non-conservative bent to many others. Every action he has taken since then has confirmed the suspicions of most conservatives that Cameron is following some kind of private / secret agenda which he chooses not to share with the rest of us.

The Eurozone meltdown added petrol to the fire, in that it became obvious that we, the voting public, were being forced to pay for our own destruction – short of revolution, there being nothing they (we) could do about it.

So UKIP is now a vehicle for the vehemently sovereignty-loving, freedom-loving people of this country who rightly see UKIP as the only route out of the deep hole we are in, liblabcon being co-conspirators in the corporatist take-over of Britain and overthrow of its democratic system.

Finally, the distrust in Cameron and the corrupt political system has made a large proportion of the population aware that the Conservative Party has been infiltrated to such a degree – like a cancer patient – that it is no longer possible or practical to consider reviving it. The cancer has taken over the party and its condition is terminal.

Britain for business could be our ticket out of this EU mad house

Douglas Carswell hopes that Business for Britain will tip the balance in favour of the Better Off Outers by removing from the FCO a trump card (or should that be a Joker?) that it has used time and again to bamboozle the public: that British business is in favour of our remaining in the EU.

I agree.  While Business for Britain has no chance of effecting a renegotiation due to the EU’s “ever closer union” goal, it does give the BOO camp more ammo.

It is clear that the Sir Humphreys of this world run the show – those who would “undermine, subvert or control the legitimate government of the UK”, either for political or ideological reasons, or because they have been bought by the EU.

As someone remarked, MPs don’t listen to their constituents, Cameron doesn’t listen to MPs and civil servants don’t obey orders from the elected government.”


The EU subversion programme has broken the links between the levers and the cogs in all our governmental and quasi-governmental institutions. In effect, the cogs – placemen – are running the show, while those elected to pull the levers find that those levers have precisely zero effect and that they don’t have the power they thought they had.

This type of subversion is clearly laid out in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals“.  That ghastly Clinton woman wrote a thesis on Alinsky’s work, Obama was carefully schooled in it (he was a “Community Organizer”) and Cameron is a self-confessed fan of both Alinsky and Cass Sunstein.

When you put those pieces together, having read Alinsky’s book and surveyed our current socio-political landscape, it’s not difficult to discern the UK’s trajectory, as plotted by the unelected who have brought us all to this unholy pass.