Are Labour and Conservative ‘leaders’ both aiming for a hung Parliament?

Both Labour and Conservative conferences have been flaccid, dull and depressing – not just in delivery and format, but in drive.

Colliemum thinks that “Cameron and Miliband know that their only chance at governing next year is in a ConLab coalition.”

I agree. I believe LibLabCon are worried about UKIP gaining seats. The Tories, because their backbenchers would only countenance a coalition with UKIP – not the Lib Dems. Since the LibDems are likely to lose most of their seats (or a serious loss in their numbers), they are unlikely to be kingmakers.

So Lab and Con don’t have a potential coalition partner unless they team up with UKIP and teaming up with UKIP means their being unable to ram through EU legislation. That’s why I think Lab and Con are engineering a hung parliament – so that they can go into some kind of formal or informal coalition with each other on EU matters.

We’ve seen this happen on many occasions – the current government has relied upon Labour votes to ram bills through Parliament that the majority of Conservative MPs were very unhappy about.

UKIP smear campaign officially kicked off by Tory HQ

It seems most popular news and opinion outlets have carried smears against UKIP, the local elections being mere days away.

This Commentator article provides an excellent illustration as to why government should not be allowed to get its hands on our email and internet browsing data.

Many CCHQ decision-makers and opinion-formers will also have ministerial / governmental roles and so might have access to that data. If they are prepared to spend money trawling through social media for dirt on UKIP, imagine what they’d do when their unpopularity is such that their coffers are empty and they can’t afford dirt diggers. Might these highly ambitious and highly-motivated people not be tempted to use the power of the state to target their political enemies, while they have the chance?