UKIP’s bottom-up policy strategy

Criticism has begun to emerge on the advisability of UKIP’s shift to the “centre ground”.  I don’t believe UKIP is shifting to the centre ground, just because it espouses some policies which are not considered to be “conservative”.

Instead of lurching UKIP to the “centre”, I get the impression that Farage is making excellent use of grassroots issues around which policies can be / are crafted.  That way, he kills three birds with one stone:

  1. He gives local people a voice;
  2. That voice he gives to local people is heady – as well as being demonstrably and irrefutably democratic,
  3. Whereas UKIP’s votes have been scattered such that there have, in past elections, been insufficient pockets of UKIP supporters in some areas to make a dent, the emergence of grassroots-based policy-making, potentially roots UKIP in every community.

It’s simple but powerful.  A terrific strategy.