Let the People bring Blair down

Blair is sticking his nose in where it is definitely not appreciated or wanted and psycopathically describing UKIP and Farage in terms that would be more suitably describe himself.

Why is this man not in jail?

I’d wager that there are too many people in positions of power with too much to hide to allow this to happen. The tangled web would unravel, revealing all the rats feeding off the carnage that they created between them.

So how can any politician hope to get into power (or stay there) if he vows to allow past PMs to be tried for war crimes?

I suspect there are many ways of skinning that particular cat.  What if:

  • more documents were declassified, or declassified earlier?
  • laws were changed to make it easier for citizens to make arrests?
  • class action suits were extended, such that more people could initiate them?

In other words, a government not wanting to take the blame for taking Blair (et al) down, could let the people bring his ilk down: it only needs to change the laws to allow that to happen.