Back door “snoopers’ charter” via Google

In view of the GCHQ spying operations on the public via the NSA, it is clear that the British government is paying the US government (amongst others) to spy on us, the population – the people whose liberties they are avowed to protect.  And we’re paying for our own surveillance prison.

It seems to me that the US wants the UK in the EU because it has always wanted to set up a global surveillance network.  The UK was its conduit. Via Google, et al, of course.

stelliosmavrakis‘s take on Google increasingly common:

“There was an article in the Telegraph a few days ago on Google’s plans to map and street view every inch of the planet. This was my comment in response to this, starting with the relevant paragraph from the article, to put my comment in context.
‘Our goal is to put together a sort of digital mirror of the world,” says Dan Sieberg, a Google exec and self-described “evangelist” for the Google Maps revolution. (Religious imagery comes naturally to Googlers: one of Sieberg’s colleagues describes him as a “guru”. The whole company has a slight hippy-cult feel to it’

So there we are, the greatest most comprehensive surveillance machine created and put in place by a bunch of  ‘get obscenely  rich’ so called ‘hippies,’ a machine will be refined and honed to perfection by Governments as they slowly bit by bit  implement mechanisms for totalitarian control of their ‘citizens’.
Oh, how the authorities must be rubbing their hands together at the prospect at all this, that  systems, that they know they themselves could never impose on the ‘people,’ are being put in place by intelligent, but seriously naïve profit driven ‘Google world zealots’ who have zero forward vision and delude themselves, that at the same time, they are somehow carrying forward the anti materialistic, and anti authoritarian hippy flag mantra, a whole life philosophy that just  ‘Google Glasses’ alone, is the absolute antithesis of, which or course will soon be worn by police, parking attendants, refuse collectors and all the rest of the usual collection of small minded officials  and ‘jobs worths.’

OK, I know, I know, Google, if you didn’t do it someone else would, but what is your ‘famous’ strapline then, that ‘good people’ do nothing about’ for it to exist in the first place.
Thanks Google! for a wonderful world! How future generations will look back and thank you.

Well, basically it horrifies me to be proved 100% right immediately, as I thought this level of extreme control was still a few years way, but why is it that the majority of people are totally blind to the ghastly world that computer technology is creating? and the staggering obvious fact that by such appalling abuse by the ‘authorities’ of private citizens rights, it destroys the very principles that western democracy is founded on. Basically the terrorists have already won.”

Of course, if we all stopped using Google, its fortunes and its influence would evaporate:  it feeds off our searches and communications.

Stop feeding the Google search engine, the Gmail account, G+, the Google phone, the apps, the Google blogs.  Ditch the lot.

Instead of Google eating us for lunch, let’s gobble it up and spit it out.

Quit the Google habit!

Understanding UKIP

Mark Wallace “gets it” – he scores 8 out of 10 in my book.

My take is that UKIPers are passionate about justice, common sense and self-determination.

Justice does not exist in this country. The thousands of criminal offences, the complicated law, the high cost of legal representation means that “justice” is done at the government’s whim. Secret courts and juryless trials, the EAW and US extradition treaties nullify habeas corpus. That is not justice.

Common sense derives from the considered, rational opinions of intelligent, informed, compassionate people – not from the hydra of automated systems of penalties, rules and regulations, which regularise the sanity out of decision-making.

Self-determination is about the freedom to achieve on a level playing field, and the freedom to fail – provided that one does not harm others. That’s where a good justice system comes in.

But UKIPers are also about integrity. We value people with courage, conviction and honesty. We value people who are genuinely compassionate and who cannot be bought.

Try finding those values in any of the three “main” parties.

Government profiting from its incompetence

For decades, the government has been ripping off the public by attaching expensive – and sometimes, premium – lines to their public “services”.

A pity the media is only picking up on it now.

If government departments profit from calls from the public, then isn’t it in their interests to make life difficult for the public?  What incentive is there to reduce the number of ‘phone enquiries?  Is there not moral hazard here, or a very serious conflict of interest?

You can keep the cost down by using – which finds alternative numbers for premium numbers, 0844 and 0845 numbers.  (Behind every premium number is a non-premium number).

Update:  “Please Press 1″ – to find shortcuts through call menu options.  Hat tip: Microdave

Bernard Jenkin’s EU “mandate referendum” spin

Bernard Jenkin, a pro-EU-membership MP who likes to call himself a eurosceptic, makes quite a few good points in his latest spin-laden article – which makes it abundantly clear that he has not learned from UKIP’s election victory: the country is sick and tired of spin – and that they recognise it when they see it.

Firstly, he resorts to statistical / semantic massage.  He says that:

“only 7.6% of those eligible to vote supported UKIP”

But using his logic, it follows that the Conservatives only obtained approximately 15% of the votes of those eligible to vote.  He chooses not to mention that.

Secondly, he surely has to be joking about the acceptability of:

“… a mandate” referendum for next year, setting out his terms for the “new relationship” he wants the UK to have with our European partners.”

A mandate referendum kicks the entire EU referendum question into the long grass – into the next parliament.  There is zero chance of Cameron winning a parliamentary majority, so there is zero chance of his being able to offer that referendum.  There is also zero chance of the EU negotiating a settlement that will satisfy both the EU’s cherished “ever closer union” and the UK population’s determination to have its sovereignty back.

As has been said often of late, it is impossible to ride two horses simultaneously, when they are travelling in opposite directions.

UKIP smear campaign officially kicked off by Tory HQ

It seems most popular news and opinion outlets have carried smears against UKIP, the local elections being mere days away.

This Commentator article provides an excellent illustration as to why government should not be allowed to get its hands on our email and internet browsing data.

Many CCHQ decision-makers and opinion-formers will also have ministerial / governmental roles and so might have access to that data. If they are prepared to spend money trawling through social media for dirt on UKIP, imagine what they’d do when their unpopularity is such that their coffers are empty and they can’t afford dirt diggers. Might these highly ambitious and highly-motivated people not be tempted to use the power of the state to target their political enemies, while they have the chance?