Let’s have unity on Sound Money – re: Debate in the HoC & #UKColumn

Today, on the UK Column News, Mike covered the House of Commons debate on the UK’s money supply – the first such HoC debate in over a hundred years.  This is a subject that the folks at Positive Money have been pushing to have debated in the HoC for ages and yesterday, they finally got their wish.

Unfortunately, Mike said he couldn’t  support Positive Money, I guess because the UK Column is calling for the return of the Bradbury Pound. But both Positive Money’s approach and the UK Column have a common purpose, if you like: sound money.

While I admire Mike and the UK Column and greatly appreciate the work that the UK Column does, may I respectfully suggest that supporting organisations on issues on which we can find solid points of agreement is essential if we are to build strong alliances – and win.

For instance, not everyone in a party agrees on every issue and it is possible to have people within it whose views are virtual polar opposites in some policy areas but coalesce perfectly on others.  The reason people coalesce to form a party is so that they can use their collective strengths and individual strengths to fight for some general, common principle.  They are not ideological clones of one another, but they can agree where it counts.

What counts is that Positive Money is heading in the right direction and is having some success.

So I urge the UK Column to support Positive Money because we are brothers in arms:  we might not agree with them on everything, but they are going in the right general direction and we should support them on the issues they raise with which we agree.

The Powers That Be got the world to where it is via tiny increments. We need to be able to learn from our enemies and find common ground and new friends where we can.

Why not meet them half way?