Simon Heffer speaks for England on Scotland

While I have many Scottish friends and feel for those who are burdened by the children and knaves who run our countries, I hope the Scots vote “Yes”.

I agree entirely with Simon Heffer.

Enough is enough. We were not consulted on whether or not the Scots should secede, nor were we given the option to vote on the matter, even though it profoundly affects England.  Nor were we consulted on the very generous benefits which LibLabCon are keen to bestow on Scotland, to bribe them into voting “No” (saving their skins), even though this would worsen the already untenable position of England, regarding the West Lothian / Barnet questions.

Even Lord Norman castigates the vile Westminster set for the mess they’ve created.

Scotland, just go, please, and give us the extra ammo we need to rid ourselves of the vermin which pollutes Wesminster.

Kill two birds with one stone and vote “Yes”.