Rotherham Muslim sex pest escapes jail due to “good character”

Apparently, Judge Paul Watson QC found Raja Hussain guilty, but suspended his jail sentence due to “good character”.  Perhaps the judge would like to explain how a person who pesters teenagers on trains for sex is of “good character”.

What are we to make of the fact that it is Ken Clarke who recommended Watson’s  appointment as circuit judge?

Judge Paul Watson appointed circuit judge by Ken Clarke

Interesting, yes?  Let’s not forget that Pie & Mash Films documentary maker Bill Malone has interviewed those who allege they have been abused by Ken Clarke or that Ken Clarke was present when abuse was taking place.

Let’s see how long this video remains available to the general public. Perhaps we should all download it before it disappears.

Is Shaun Wright more frightened of his organised crime links than being charged with perjury?

During today’s hearing of the HoC Home Affairs Committee into the Rotherham child sexual exploitation ‘scandal’, everyone on the committee seemed struck by the refusal of Shaun Wright and ex Chief Constable Meredydd John Hughes to recall details and to admit culpability, despite overwhelming evidence that contradicted the positions they were taking.

Despite the positions of authority the various witnesses held in the Council and the Police, they did not discipline anyone.  Nobody was sacked or suspended or even named as being possibly culpable.  Why?  Are they covering for each other, or for a wider ring of people?

Given that during the session, reference was made to the strong links within the South Yorkshire police force to:

  • the Freemasons,
  • gun-running,
  • drug-trafficking,
  • child-trafficking and abuse,
  • organised crime,

it seems possible that Wright and Hughes might be more frightened of their organised crime links than they are of what the government might do to them if they are found guilty of perjury. 

In other words, who might Wright and Hughes be protecting?

Perhaps Mr Vaz will look into that aspect?


Interestingly, Joyce Thacker says she was a “partner of Barnardos”.