Now, even Conservative MPs think political ‘correctness’ is OK

Wow.  John Redwood’s post really got up my nose, today.

He says:

“It is not helpful or polite to accuse a whole religion or a whole race of general misconduct, bad attitudes or anti social approaches. It is wounding to many members of that group who may themselves be decent and law abiding, and who not share the bad characteristic ascribed to the group. I do not extend the same degree of protection to my own groups – white, male, Conservative!”

If it is wounding to many members of a group who may be decent and law-abiding to generalise negatively, then it surely follows that the same can apply to white, male Conservatives.  There are many white males who have been unfairly discriminated against, through no fault of their own, resulting in their not being considered for jobs for which they are eminently suitable, for which they have worked very hard.  Also, white males have been egregiously discriminated against by family courts – for no valid reason.   The list of unfair discrimination against white males, for PC reasons is endless.

There is no validity in political correctness.  It is social engineering, whichever way you look at it, and it is not conservative and not fair.

If politicos want to change the culture of a society, then it is far preferable that those in power set an example.   For example:

  • Politicos want people to take more responsibility for their lives and the actions they take?  Well then, ensure that QUANGO bosses, civil servants, politicos and all manner of people (who like to tell us what to do) resign when found wanting.  E.g., various NHS chiefs, social services and police bods, of Rotherham fame.
  • Politicos want to stop benefits cheats?  Well then, ensure that the Dennis McShanes and Maria Millers of this world can’t get away with claiming what they will, with impunity.
  • Politicos want people to stop smoking and drinking so much?  Well how about stopping the public subsidy of Westminster alcohol and cigarettes?

I could go on, and on, and on …

The trouble is, once people in Westminster get a taste of power, they want to modify our behaviour and want us to subsidise their behaviour where, most often, their behaviour is far, far, worse than ours.

Cut the hypocrisy, clean up your own doorsteps, you politicos, and leave us the hell alone.  I, for one, am heartily sick of the whole damned bunch in Westminster – politicos, civil servants, QUANGOcrats et al.

I want them all gone.  They’ve been in place for too long and think they own us lock, stock and barrel.