Nigel Farage on Andrew Marr Show, 01 Jun 2014

For some reason, BBC iPlayer won’t load today’s Andrew Marr Show, so if you’ve been having the same problems, here’s the Farage portion:



Newark by-election Poll – Survation / The Sun, puts UKIP 2nd, but up by 24% from the 2010 election result!

(CON 36% (-18)

UKIP 28% (+ 24),

LAB 27% (+ 4)

LD 5% (-15)

Others 5% (+5)

All it takes is a 4% swing from the Tories, which is not inconceivable.  The “don’t knows” at 4% might deliver a % or two.  There’s still all to play for.

To be or not to be … in the EU, wonders Charles Moore

Amazingly, Charles Moore is undecided as to whether we should remain in the Evil Empire or to leave.  I marvel sometimes at how supposedly intelligent people are unable to weigh up the pros and cons of our EU membership and conclude that we are effectively tied to a corpse, of the undead, Terminator variety.

Anyhow, I thought Dogzzz wrote a stonking riposte to his article.  Here it is:

“So you asking if you want to give away what is left of our sovereignty, our independence, our Birthright to be a confident, self ruling nation, trading confidently and prosperously with the 4.5 billion consumers outside the EU as well as much more competitively with the 0.5 billion in the EU in order to hide, supine and cowardly in the most anti-democratic institution, having unelected foreigners change our laws to benefit other nations, and plunder our wealth to pay for it?

Or do we want to be the confident, friendly, prosperous independent self-governing global traders and friends to all, choosing and implementing our own laws, for the good of our own people, democratic, free and self reliant?

I cannot abide giving away our birthright to a profoundly anti-democratic entity which has just refused to recognise 3 popular referendums in the last three weeks alone. An entity which can now over-rule OUR elected representatives in OUR national Parliament and does so without regard for the needs, or concerns of the British people, at all..

I am unashamedly, proudly and patriotically going to fight FOR our nation, FOR our people and FOR our birthright. A birthright our forefathers fought in two world wars to defend. Democracy, prosperity, the English rule of law, common sense human rights, from the English bill of rights onwards,which we exported all over the world, for the Commonwealth and our historical global trading links with the whole world.

I support UKIP and I support OUR independence from anti-democratic oligarchy.”

The EU’s Ukraine “blunder” that could lead to war

A video report by the Bruges Group on the Ukraine fiasco – the EU’s “beneficial crisis”.

The question is, did the EU create the crisis knowingly, or out of incompetence? Either way, it’s not an organisation with which we should be allied.

The video includes comments from Lord Tebbit, and the MPs Bernard Jenkin, Peter Bone and John Redwood.

Lord Tebbit, President of the Bruges Group, criticises western policy towards Russia. And, how over the last quarter of a century, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU and Nato have alienated Russia. He states that “it must look to a Russian that this is a rather aggressive posture being taken by the European state.”


John Redwood MP explains that “the EU has not behaved responsibly or sensibly.” And that “the EU seems to be flexing its words in a way that Russia finds worrying and provokes Russia into flexing its military muscles.”


Peter Bone MP called on William Hague to implement a British foreign policy. Peter Bone argued that the EU is trying to entice Ukraine, this has worried Russia. He outlines how the way the EU has behaved has not been helpful. Peter argues that it is wrong that there is an EU foreign policy and an EU foreign minister and that “we do not want escalating sanctions.


Bernard Jenkin MP describes those who want action against Russia as Euro-neo-cons. They are spreading instability within Eastern Europe and that the EU’s actions are “on the way to causing a civil war” in Ukraine. Bernard also argued that the EU should not be “fermenting divisions in order to bring Ukraine into the European orbit.

You are more powerful than you imagine

Marc Glendening* has written a thoughtful, thought-provoking piece on ConHome on the “war wars”, totalitarianism and democracy.

But sadly, some people still believe that although our nation has been invaded by totalitarians, there is “nothing we can do about it”.

If we believe that there is nothing we can do about it, we will surely fail to remedy the situation.

We need to use every means at our disposal to do so – both individually and via alliances. Positive thinking has power, if the will is in accord and action follows.

Firstly, nobody should simply believe any politician because it is convenient to do so. Everything must be checked.

Secondly, we have seen, via the Syrian war defeat, that determined revolt can change the minds of even the most fanatical. We need more of that – on every contentious issue.

Thirdly, we should refuse to comply with laws that are patently unjust. Too many people believe that if the government writes down a law on a piece of paper, then that law should override moral sense and natural law. One wonders whether they would accept a law which called for the killing of all first-borns.

It is our moral duty to put every obstacle in the way of the totalitarians: make the tasks they have set for themselves impossible to achieve.

One thing that many people overlook is the power of the jury – and the totalitarians are very happy to see the jury trial disappear.


Because the role of the jury is twofold:

  1. to weigh up the facts in a case and determine whether or not the accused is guilty of breaking the law, and, more importantly,
  2. to determine whether the law itself is just.

Take a moment to ponder that second duty: a single juror can liberate an innocent man charged with breaking an unjust law. Taken with the Common Law precedent system, we can bring down the rotten edifice of the EU case by case. Drip, drip, drip.

We have power. We just need to learn how to use it.


* Campaign Director of the Democracy Movement

The Conservative Party is doomed

Lewis Baston, political consultant, ponders over UKIP’s future and political longevity – as compared to other small parties in Britain’s history.

But UKIP is in a “very different category” to those he cites.

Interest in UKIP stayed below 3% for more than a decade, it being unable to break through the credibility barrier in the public’s mind.

Three things changed all that:

  1. The implementation (as opposed to the ratification) of the Lisbon Treaty;
  2. Cameron’s slipperiness (saying one thing while simultaneously doing exactly the opposite);
  3. The Eurozone meltdown.

UKIP had been warning about the dangers to democracy and sovereignty inherent in the Lisbon Treaty, but back then, the public couldn’t bring itself to accept that the entire political machinery could be involved in a lie of such magnitude – a global conspiracy, if you like. Once implementation of the treaty began to roll out, everything UKIP had warned about began to manifest, in cold, cruel reality. With that as a backdrop, it was possible for the public to predict what would follow, because it had all been foretold by UKIP.

Cameron’s duplicity, slipperiness in all things – including his political colours (non- or even anti-conservative) – outraged Conservatives who had been waiting for salvation from the socialist / Marxist mire it was in, wrought by the most unpopular PMs in living memory for most – Bliar and McDoom. That Cameron couldn’t win outright against Brown was a gut-felt disappointment to many and confirmation of his non-conservative bent to many others. Every action he has taken since then has confirmed the suspicions of most conservatives that Cameron is following some kind of private / secret agenda which he chooses not to share with the rest of us.

The Eurozone meltdown added petrol to the fire, in that it became obvious that we, the voting public, were being forced to pay for our own destruction – short of revolution, there being nothing they (we) could do about it.

So UKIP is now a vehicle for the vehemently sovereignty-loving, freedom-loving people of this country who rightly see UKIP as the only route out of the deep hole we are in, liblabcon being co-conspirators in the corporatist take-over of Britain and overthrow of its democratic system.

Finally, the distrust in Cameron and the corrupt political system has made a large proportion of the population aware that the Conservative Party has been infiltrated to such a degree – like a cancer patient – that it is no longer possible or practical to consider reviving it. The cancer has taken over the party and its condition is terminal.

Gibraltar: problem-reaction-solution?

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, claims that the dispute between Gibraltar and Spain was manufactured by Spain.  And certainly, the entire saga has had an air of unreality about it – particularly Britain’s warships docking in Gibraltar.  I thought all our  British EUphiles believed in the power of diplomacy and negotiation.  No?

I realise that Spain has been agitating over Gibraltar for ages – most notably during the past few decades.  But siren calls for the EU to “step in” to “resolve” the dispute lead me to suspect that the dispute was indeed manufactured, in order to provide the world with the spectre of the EU “preventing war”. After all, it has succeeded at nothing – so far – but impoverishing the continent via a massive transfer of wealth and power from the people to the bankers and kleptocrats.

And guess what?  The EU will be stepping in to “resolve” the dispute.  Didn’t take long, did it?

I suppose the EU needs to earn its Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s almost comical.

UKIP’s response to BBC’s misleading Romania / Bulgaria immigration poll

“A poll commissioned by the BBC where they report “few people” planning to migrate to the UK from Romania and Bulgaria is misleading, according to UKIP.  The BBC have today issued the (narrative) results of research they have undertaken regarding the likelihood of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens coming to live and work in the UK in 2013 and 2014. These results have given rise to headlines on the BBC News today saying that “few” people are planning to migrate to the UK and there is “no indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx”.

Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader said: “Looking at the figures which the BBC have quoted in their report, their survey of 1,014 Bulgarian adults showed that 37% had considered moving to another EU state in the past five years (2.7m people); and that 36% intend to work elsewhere in the EU in 2013/14 (2.65m), of which 9.3% (689,000) stated the UK was their destination.  In the survey of Romanian adults, 33% had considered moving to another EU state in the past five years (6.3m people); and 36% intend to work elsewhere in the EU in 2013/14 (1.8m), of which 4.6% (338,000) stated the UK was their destination.  Together, the total considering moving to the UK in 2013 and 2014 was therefore over a million.

“More startlingly, though, the BBC has then concocted their astonishing ‘nothing to see here’ headlines out of a series of follow up questions. If you convert their stated percentages into real figures, the story is a good deal more shocking than the BBC’s headlines suggest.  It is surely perverse to suggest that there is nothing to worry about, when their own survey shows that 83,537 people (76,172 Romanians and 7,365 Bulgarians) are already attending job interviews in the UK; 263,337 people (57,129 Romanians and 206,208 Bulgarians) are currently looking for a job in the UK with the help of a recruitment company; 236,405 people (133,301 Romanians and 103,104 Bulgarians) are currently looking for a job in the UK without the help of arecruitment company; and 164,547 (76,172 Romanians and 88,375 Bulgarians) are already in the process of finding a place to live in the UK.”

Nigel Farage added:

“According to the BBC’s own figures, the total number of people in Bulgaria and Romania who are actively looking for a job in the UK is 499,741; while another 248,082 are progressing a job application or looking for accommodation.  In short, according to the BBC’s survey, three-quarters of a million adults from Romania and Bulgaria are currently in the process of trying to move to the UK in 2013/2014.  Theses are figures that we should be worried about, when we have significant and rising youth unemployment, when the NAO says that next year the country will be 250,000 primary school places short, and when the Government admit that they want to build on 1,500 square miles to accommodate the increase in population.  It looks to me that the BBC is engaging, with its headlining of this story, not in reporting the facts, but in influencing the debate.”


Total population of Bulgaria: 7,364,570

Total population of Romania: 19,042,936

Population of Bulgaria aged 15-65: 5,030,001

Population of Romania aged 15-65:13,272,926

Each 1% of Bulgarians in survey: 73,646

Each 1% of Romanians in survey: 190,429


Britain for business could be our ticket out of this EU mad house

Douglas Carswell hopes that Business for Britain will tip the balance in favour of the Better Off Outers by removing from the FCO a trump card (or should that be a Joker?) that it has used time and again to bamboozle the public: that British business is in favour of our remaining in the EU.

I agree.  While Business for Britain has no chance of effecting a renegotiation due to the EU’s “ever closer union” goal, it does give the BOO camp more ammo.

It is clear that the Sir Humphreys of this world run the show – those who would “undermine, subvert or control the legitimate government of the UK”, either for political or ideological reasons, or because they have been bought by the EU.

As someone remarked, MPs don’t listen to their constituents, Cameron doesn’t listen to MPs and civil servants don’t obey orders from the elected government.”


The EU subversion programme has broken the links between the levers and the cogs in all our governmental and quasi-governmental institutions. In effect, the cogs – placemen – are running the show, while those elected to pull the levers find that those levers have precisely zero effect and that they don’t have the power they thought they had.

This type of subversion is clearly laid out in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals“.  That ghastly Clinton woman wrote a thesis on Alinsky’s work, Obama was carefully schooled in it (he was a “Community Organizer”) and Cameron is a self-confessed fan of both Alinsky and Cass Sunstein.

When you put those pieces together, having read Alinsky’s book and surveyed our current socio-political landscape, it’s not difficult to discern the UK’s trajectory, as plotted by the unelected who have brought us all to this unholy pass.