UKIP is getting the BNP treatment. Watch out for ballot-rigging

While I’m no fan of the BNP, the BNP is not illegal as an entity and I detest censorship.  So when Bray wrote this on Peter Oborne’s article:

“While it is definitely true that the media are now in attack mode against UKIP, quite frankly that behaviour is nothing new against any party deemed a threat to the cosy political cartel.

The previous main target was the BNP, and they have suffered far worse treatment than Nigel Farage or anyone in UKIP has so far had to contend with. Be on your guard, there may be worse to come.

That brings me to my main point. The main danger to UKIP, now that the attack dogs have failed to squash you, is ballot fraud. The article I posted on Tim Stanley’s blog yesterday about that risk, and case history, has been removed, so it looks like I hit a nerve.

I gave details of third world stuff at the counts and expressly said you must seal ballot boxes with numbered seals and get any contacts you have within Town Halls to act as your eyes and ears to protect democracy.

I would like to repost the piece but that would probably be pointless, so if anyone saw it please convey its evidence and advice to where it is needed.”

… I offered to publish his original post, sight unseen.  And here it is:

UKIP members and activists need to realise that their biggest threat from now on, is from ballot fraud. This has been previously conducted against the BNP, and UKIP would be daft to believe they will be immune from the same treatment.

I draw your attention to the declared result of the 2010 General Election in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

The declared BNP vote was the round figure of just 150, which equates to 0.4%.

The constituency contained six local council wards, and a witness at the count reckoned that in just one of those areas there were about 700 BNP votes in the piles on the counting table.

The other five areas were not as “enriched” as the first area referred to, and their vote would probably have been proportionally less, but still likely to have been in the 100-200 range each, at least. Therefore the true BNP vote at that Parliamentary Election was in all probability in the 1000-2000 range and around 90% of those BNP votes were “disappeared”. That should wake you up to the danger UKIP now faces.

You can check the official figures here –

I also have recollection of a vote in London where the ballot box seals were broken when they were brought into the count, and a suspiciously large number of BNP votes were declared void, consequent upon being spoiled because of voting for too many candidates, and the crosses on the ballot papers seemed to be different to each other. Draw your own conclusions.

UKIP and everyone else who is at risk from corruption needs to be planning all their defence measures now. Candidates can put their own seals on ballot boxes. That should be done with numbered seals in all risk areas. Where ballot boxes are stored overnight, or in the case of the Euro votes until the weekend because the rest of Europe is not voting until Sunday, all boxes should be sealed again with numbered seals. Preferably the rooms the ballot boxes are kept in as well, if that is possible.

If you have any supporters working inside the Town Halls, get them to operate as your eyes and ears.

Consider equipping them with secret cameras if the suspected situation is really bad. Basically do absolutely everything you have to do to stop vote tampering.

That is what has happened to the BNP in some places, and now UKIP are also threatening the Town Hall Mafias, you are next in line.

As Stalin said, “It is not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. The corporate media and the Westmonster (TM Underdogs bite upwards) village don’t want their cozy little EU arrangement spoiled