Cameron’s BS on corporation tax

In Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference today, he stated that he wants lower corporate taxes in the UK than other countries.

David Cameron says:  “We have cut your taxes. Now you must pay what you owe.”

If they owe the money, then can’t you take them to court for not paying, Mr Cameron?  Oh, the law doesn’t allow you to do that?  Well then, why not change the law?  Oh, because the corporations won’t pay into Conservative Party coffers?

Cameron has given the corporations tax breaks at the expense of the ordinary man, whose business has been undercut by those very corporate tax breaks.  And yet the ordinary man is not asked nicely to pay: he pays or goes to jail.

Cameron’s “Now you must pay what you owe” line is pure PR BS.

And about those zero hours contracts that Cameron says he will scrap – the ones which his government brought into being:  why doesn’t he scrap them now?  Why did he allow them to proliferate in the first place, if not to massage the employment figures in the most dishonest way possible?



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