List of University of Oxford people with PPE degrees

Sean Thomas’s treat of an article (“Pity England, pity Scotland: governed by fools and charlatans“) raises the subject of the uselessness of politicos with PPEs – those who have brought the UK to the brink of break-up while casting the English aside.

Cast your eye upon the swathe of uselessness (courtesy of Wikipedia):

UK politicians

Broadcasters, journalists, media (UK)

Not forgetting:

Of course, there are some MPs in the list with merit.  For instance, I don’t put Andrew Tyrie in the same boat as 90% of the crud which have taken PPEs.  But then, not all students – particularly those with the ability to discern – believe everything churned out by universities.  Climate change, of course, emanated from the bowels of a university.



The EU fanatics will attack John Redwood and proponents of an English Parliament with everything they have. They will try to discredit, they will mock and they will dig up every conceivable transgression and blow them out of all proportion to their worth. Those Westminster MPs who take up the fight will need to take a leaf out of Ghandi’s book and keep going: do what is right, because the people want you do to what is right, so right is on your side. 

If pro-English Parliament MPs fight the good fight for England, the people of England will be behind them, regardless of the dirt that the establishment tries to fling at them.

Fight for us and we, the people of England, will fight for you and with you, just as we are doing with Douglas Carswell.

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