News round-up of the “you couldn’t make it up” variety

Peter Hitchens has surpassed himself with a medley of superb commentaries in today’s Mail.

The Parliamentary watchdog, IPSA seems determined to upset the public with its insistence that MPs need a 10% pay rise.  The recommendation is so outrageous, given the cuts MPs have imposed on us while filling the pockets of all their banker cronies, that one is very tempted to entertain the notion that we are being deliberately provoked.    Either that, or someone should send in the white coats to Westminster.

It really does beggar belief that while Cameron upped the severity of the “terror” threat he says he believes that we face, the beheading suspect is facing a murder charge.  Nothing to do with Islam.  Oh no.  The dissonance is becoming deafening.

Meanwhile, riot police are being called in to a Lincolnshire  “immigration centre”, where an inmate died (of what, we are not told) and Gambians complained about not getting Gambian food at an immigration centre in Italy.  With all these beheadings, rapes, murders, incidents of election fraud and other fraud, we should just shut our borders.  But hey, the corporations wouldn’t like that, so we’ll just have to put up with it and investigate these crimes ourselves, because the police have decided not to.

As blogged yesterday, Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London who is to head the CSA inquiry, if May gets her way, is linked to Leon Brittan.  Please be sure to sign the petition to ensure that she does not head the inquiry.  Enough is enough.

Janet Daley is war-mongering.  She seems to believe that “without American leadership, freedom is in peril”.  No Janet, it’s the other way around – we will be more in peril should Obama take the world into another war.  We have quite enough terrorists, devastation and migrants from war- and plunder-ravaged countries, thank you very much.

That’s about as much insanity as I can bear, for the moment.  No doubt, there will be plenty more to follow.

Update: Jacob Rees-Mogg wants Nigel Farage to be Deputy PM.  That call must surely have turned Cameron’s face close to a shade of purple.

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