Petition to release Ashya King’s parents – rolling updates

The Kings have committed no crime, and yet they have been hounded by the police like common criminals. When you consider how the police turned a blind eye to the sexual abuse of minors in Rotherham, it beggars belief that they should find it necessary to hunt down these loving parents.

What kind of animals are these people who we call police?

It is the medical profession which has acted criminally, by preventing Ashya’s parents from seeking out the best treatment for their son, even after they said there was nothing further they could do for him and that he would die in a few months’ time.  Instead, the treatment they did offer, would have fried most of his brain, making death, shortly afterwards, a near certainty, and the remainder of Ashya’s life a living hell.

The police and the medical Mafia have shown no humanity, no compassion. It is they who should be on trial. They have behaved abominably, without humanity. Disgusting. Appalling. Unbelievable!

I say, name and shame all your consultants and doctors, Brett and Naghemeh King. Let the people take justice into their own hands and treat them with the contempt they deserve.  UPDATE:  The Consultant Paediatric Oncologist who told the Kings that the proton beam therapy would not work, was Dr Gary Nicolin.

If ever there were a reason not to use the European Arrest Warrant, this is it.  It has been an exercise of flagrant abuse of power.  It shows how EU law can be used to circumvent our own laws.  We should not be rejoining the scheme, under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Should the Tories vote to rejoin the EAW let it be yet another reason for not voting for the scoundrels who allow it to happen.

Please sign the petition to release Brett and Naghemeh King and allow them to choose treatment for their son Ashya.

Watch the King family’s vlogs on youtube, here.

UPDATE:  I’ve just tried to donate to the Kings via Naveed’s Paypal account, but am told that “Sorry, this recipient can’t accept payments right now”.  Is this another example of the police overreaching themselves?

Try donating to via Paypal and see how far you get.

The Police need to be in the dock, along with the Crown Prosecution Service and the mindless bureaucrats who were “just following orders”.  What will you do about this gross injustice, Home Secretary Theresa May?

You can instead donate via Indiegogo.

UPDATE from Guido Fawkes:

South East UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson is calling for the immediate release of her constituents Brett and Naghemeh King and asking the Home Secretary to question use of European Arrest Warrant. “I call on the Home Secretary to contact the Spanish authorities so that Ashya’s parents are released immediately… Then I would ask her whether she now thinks that pernicious European Arrest Warrant works in the hands of over-zealous policemen in the interests of British citizens?” Quite.

Update 02/09/2014 at 05:34:


“Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, said: “Separating a very sick child from loving parents is traumatic and appears to be heavy handed. It can only be justified if it enables that child to access immediate and necessary treatment.””

So, Grieve believes that the State should have the power to decide what is in the best interests of the child?  Whose child is it, Mr Grieve?  Do our children belong to the State, in your opinion?  What kind of controlling totalitarian monster are you?  Clearly, you and Cameron are part of the problem.

Iva Tatounova, the director of strategy at the proton beam treatment centre in Prague says they are ready to treat Ashya immediately, and deal with the costs later.  So why is this not being expedited immediately by Cameron and May et al?  The reason is that they don’t want to – that much is clear.  Actions speak louder than words, do they not?

Update 02/09/2014 at 08:03:

  • The Crown Prosecution Service has stated: “Further evidence is now being provided to the CPS and so the case is under immediate review.”  What took them so long? Kier Starmer (CPS) has some serious questions to answer and I hope MPs will hold him to account.
  • Campaigners will march  on Downing Street today “demanding that the parents of Ashya King are reunited with their desperately ill son.”
  • John Cooper commented yesterday in the Guardian that the police “clearly interpreted their duty to act expeditiously as an enforcement arm of medical opinion. This is not their role. “.    Quite. And I hope the Kings use part of the monies that have been donated to them to sue the police (and possibly the CPS) and the doctors involved. I would be happy to dig deeper into my pockets to help ensure that this kind of injustice never happens again.

Update 02/09/2014 at 08:30:

At last, some good news:  “THE lawyer for the family of brain cancer patient Ashya King says they will sue Southampton General Hospital.

Juan Isidro Fernandez Diaz, who is representing Brett and Naghmeh King, claimed the family will take legal action against doctors.

He said: “They will be taking legal action against the doctors who libelled him in the hospital and they will file a criminal complaint for false detention and libel.””

Update 02/09/2014 at 14:00:

Allegedly, “Doctors who treated five-year-old Ashya King are now considering Proton treatment parents asked for as Boris Johnson puts pressure on prosecutors to drop the case”.  I hope that the Kings turn them down flat, and instead opt to have the treatment carried out at the Prague centre, completely independent of the NHS.  Don’t put yourselves back under the medical jurisdiction of the NHS medical Mafia, Mr & Mrs King.  Don’t allow them to attempt to exonerate themselves – at your expense.  Giving the NHS a second chance might even hurt your chances of suing them successfully.   These inhuman doctors and bureaucrats do not deserve a second chance, but your son does, so let the centre in Prague help you and let the public fund it out of donations.  This is your chance to free yourselves from their overreaching inhumane grasp.

Meanwhile, there is further hope, in that Dan Hannan will be fighting the bureaucrats to overturn the EAW and free Ashya’s parents.

Update 02/09/2014 at 16:00:

Allegedly, prosecutors are “seeking to withdraw the arrest warrant” on the Kings.  Why the hell does it take so long?    I see that Nick Clegg is eager to jump onto the bandwagon, calling for the Kings to be freed.  Where was he yesterday?  Once again, Clegg is cynically milking the story for his own ends.  He is part of the problem, not the solution.  And as for Andy Burnham, he is as bad as Clegg, in my view – an unscrupulous, opportunistic politician who is not to be trusted.

Update 02/09/2014 at 15:39:

We’re told that,

“the CPS confirmed in a statement it was taking steps to withdraw the arrest warrant against Mr and Mrs King”.

and the statement said:

“We are now in the process of communicating this decision to the Spanish authorities so that they can be reunited with their son as soon as possible,”

In an interview, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that a cancer specialist was being sent to Spain to offer advice on Ashya’s case.

“There’ve clearly been misunderstandings along the way, but right now we want to focus on getting the right treatment for Ashya,” he said.

I just hope that the Kings do not accept the offer of Hunt’s cancer specialist and will not be tempted back into the government / NHS tent.  They need to rid themselves of all government interference – ‘voluntary’ or not –  and take matters into their own hands.  If it were my son, I would lose no time getting shot of anything to do with the NHS or government-sponsored ‘services’.

Accept the government’s shilling at your peril, Mr & Mrs King – you will end up accepting their terms and conditions and losing control of the situation again.  You might even end up jeopardising any legal case you might have against the parties concerned.  Check with your lawyer.

Update 02/09/2014 at 20:30:

Ashya King’s parents released from prison as arrest warrant is terminated.  Will the government pay for the 5-hour journey the Kings will now have to make in order to see Ashya, thanks to their unlawful detention at the hands of the government?  Somehow, I doubt it.

Update 05/09/2014:
Ashya King’s parents allowed to take him to Prague for treatment – Telegraph.  Note the word “allowed”.  Whose child is Ashya? The State’s?  The Kings have decided that they do not want to return to this country – ever.  Good for them. I would feel the same way.  But I hope they still sue the doctors and the police for unlawful detention and cruelty, at the very least.

Update 10/09/2014:

Ashya King’s brain tumour has not grown since surgery, tests confirm – Telegraph.  The Kings have been offered schooling for their children, which they have very sensibly refused, preferring to find solutions in Prague or Spain.  They have clearly realised that entering into any contract with the UK would give the UK government leverage over them.  Good for you, Mr and Mrs King



27 thoughts on “Petition to release Ashya King’s parents – rolling updates

  1. How can so called “professionals” handle a situation so badly. The Police and Home Secretary should be ashamed at their actions and for the judiciary to be complicit in this is beyond belief.It demonstrates the state of minds of those that rule us. These are the same people who will be asking for our vote next year.

    • I agree entirely, AL. It is as if they own us, like farm animals. It’s so outrageous, thinking about it makes my blood boil!

    • I have the same experience, CL. Far too much power. Unfortunately, that’s what tends to happen when you accept the government’s shilling – you take it on their terms and conditions.

  2. Typical PC Plod and Doctors who believe they always know better. What a disgrace.
    This is the sort of treatment we would expect from from a dictatorship.
    Shame on the doctors and PC Plod

    • Quite, AS. It seems our institutions have been infected by a bad case of authoritarianism. The world is aghast. Perhaps this will provide us all with the momentum for change – which is sorely needed.

  3. The establishment know better than we plebs yet again: as they did over all the many scandals that have tumbled out of the box of darkness in recent years. If this country is to be decent to live in, we plebs will have to do it.”They” are not competent.

    • Absolutely. The age of the Internet has allowed us to uncover much truth and to take matters into our own hands. Those who would return us to feudal times have miscalculated: I don’t think the people of this wonderful country will allow themselves to be trampled underfoot of Orwell’s Big Brother boot.

      • Agreed: freedom of thought nowadays owes much to modern digital communication. It truly is the genie that will not go back in the bottle. That’s why governments try to ban it or rein it in. Like one my heroes, Wm Blake, I love England, god help me: the England of awkward buggers who speak the truth in blunt language, words that engage like gears. Beautifully suited to 140 characters.

  4. Bad decisions happen . The bigger crime is when they are not acknowledged and reversed for whatever reason To say you have got it wrong is a strength not weakness

    • Agreed, JD, except that in Ashya’s case, we’ve seen it all before, many, many times. Bad decisions that trample all over the rights of parents and the patient appears to be institutionalised.

  5. That poor ill child left in a strange country without the love and support of his parents. It makes my blood boil at the thought. I hope the doctors in charge of his case at Southampton Hospital have some sleepless nights over this.

    • I hope they are personally sued until their pips squeak, TM. To that end, I hope the family’s fund swells sufficiently to allow them to take on the medical Mafia who have made their lives a living hell.

  6. What an absolute abuse of Police Power. Has England now become a POLICE STATE RUN COUNTRY.
    Glad I’m living in Australia. Gods Blessings be upon Ashya and his Family.
    From Maureen

    • Quite, ML. Let’s hope this kind of thing doesn’t reach Australia via the Commonwealth. I wouldn’t put it past our corrupt institutions and politicos to try.

  7. that poor little boy, he should be with his parents they were doing what any loving parent would do, trying ti get the best for their son, if England didnt waste money on silly things and spent it on important life saving equiptment then people would not feel they had to go abroad for the treatment. tghis family need help and support not to be treated like criminals, they should be released and allowed to be together, finally i think that after what they have been put through the treatment should be given FREE to this family.

  8. Good on the Spanish authorities wanting it in there language.It is cruel to keep Ashya King and his parents separate.Nurses in with him and police on the door.Do they think he is going to do a runner.Our authorities may think they were doing the right thing under our law,but come what happened to common sense.Love conqueres all.Unite the family.

  9. This case is chilling. Why are doctors treated as gods? I never forget that the worst crimes in the Nazi death camps were committed by doctors. They treat us as guinea pigs and the Southampton duo are probably outraged to lose a guinea pig which they were using for experimental research.

  10. Pressure and Public Opinion are two weapons to be used on Politicians when you need them to respond, we must keep up the pressure and continue to recruit more people to the JUST cause of the King family. Write to your MP, write on their Social media pages, the pressure must at the very least continue,even better grow! They are waiting for our apathy to set in and for us to continue our normal lives, resist the pressure to give up and continue to harass your MP’S, MEP’S ETC. Use your empathy for the king family to fight this abuse of power and injustice!

    • Absolutely. We need to take this opportunity to force change. If the current lot won’t implement meaningful change, it, then throw the lot out. They are not fit to be in government.

  11. I bet you won’t post this as this will go against your libertarian ideals but just suppose that Dr Nicolin is an honest caring man who is highly regarded by the patients who he cares for and he and his family have feelings and are distraught at the level of abuse they are experiencing. Just suppose the press release that the Kings have a criminal conviction for fraud which may call into question the management of the generous donations that you are encouraging and may pose questions on whether the money will be used for Aysha. The Internet is a medium for freedom of speech but it seems that you are on a course to ruin a man who has emotions and feelings just like the Kings. But hey isn’t that what you want?

    • Why would an “honest caring man”, having told the Kings that their son would die within months and that there was nothing further that could be done for him, try to prevent the Kings from seeking alternative treatment? That does not sound like the actions of an “honest caring man”.

      If Dr Nicolin has feelings, then perhaps he should consider the feelings of others – the Kings and Ashya – if he wishes others to consider his. After all, he, as a professional, owes them a duty of care in return for their trust – which he abused. That sob story is pathetic, in view of what he has caused to be done to the King family.

      It just so happens that the King family do not have a criminal conviction for fraud. It’s no good inventing hypothetical scenarios to support your case, although it seems pretty obvious that you are doing so precisely because none of the evidential facts support your case.

      Yes, the Internet is a medium for freedom of speech. But the power that Dr Nicolin has to trash the family name of the kings – which he has used – is an ABUSE of power. He used that power to hound them across the continent and destroy their reputations – without the Kings being able to answer back. What do you think of that, Mr Pickle? I hope they sue him until his pips squeak. Let him defend his name in court, if he can.

      What I want is justice. What we have seen in the Ashya King case is a perversion of justice and the abuse of power.

  12. How do you feel about the Kings now, Fausty, after they’ve been stashing donations in private bank accounts and have refused for 2 months to publish the monies received? They ARE fraudsters, and they also continued to beg for donations after the medical fees were guaranteed. THEN they tried to blackmail a cancer charity into paying their legal fees and tarnished the charity’s name in all the papers, finally ending up by reporting the charity for wrongdoing to the Charities Commission out of vindictiveness.
    How does humble pie taste?

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