Dan Hodges gets a tongue-lashing

Ooh, I hope Hodges reads these comments to his latest odious smear-fest blog:

… from A Sensitive Scholar:

If UKIP are racist because a single member expressed some repellent views (and was suspended once it was discovered), what are we to think of all of those people like Dan who supported the Labour party despite its deputy leader having campaigned for the decriminalisation of various kinds of child pornography? Are they paedophiles?

… from CassandraKing

Hodges is like many champagne rich middle class brats of the socialist blue blood royalty, they are insulated from reality by lots and lots of money. Rich arrogant socialists have brought the UK to the edge of disaster and would gladly push us over the edge to oblivion with the leer of self satisfaction hate filled boys pulling the wings off flies. A bloated ego and a fat bank account and a monumentally puffed up sense of their own superiority only surpassed by their hatred of anyone who dares to disagree with them. Truly a child of Bliar the war criminal.


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