The EU’s Ukraine “blunder” that could lead to war

A video report by the Bruges Group on the Ukraine fiasco – the EU’s “beneficial crisis”.

The question is, did the EU create the crisis knowingly, or out of incompetence? Either way, it’s not an organisation with which we should be allied.

The video includes comments from Lord Tebbit, and the MPs Bernard Jenkin, Peter Bone and John Redwood.

Lord Tebbit, President of the Bruges Group, criticises western policy towards Russia. And, how over the last quarter of a century, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU and Nato have alienated Russia. He states that “it must look to a Russian that this is a rather aggressive posture being taken by the European state.”


John Redwood MP explains that “the EU has not behaved responsibly or sensibly.” And that “the EU seems to be flexing its words in a way that Russia finds worrying and provokes Russia into flexing its military muscles.”


Peter Bone MP called on William Hague to implement a British foreign policy. Peter Bone argued that the EU is trying to entice Ukraine, this has worried Russia. He outlines how the way the EU has behaved has not been helpful. Peter argues that it is wrong that there is an EU foreign policy and an EU foreign minister and that “we do not want escalating sanctions.


Bernard Jenkin MP describes those who want action against Russia as Euro-neo-cons. They are spreading instability within Eastern Europe and that the EU’s actions are “on the way to causing a civil war” in Ukraine. Bernard also argued that the EU should not be “fermenting divisions in order to bring Ukraine into the European orbit.

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