Democracy on the ascendant?

Mark Wallace doesn’t seem to think that the populace or Parliament should have a say in whether or not we go to war, even when that war has nothing to do with us.  He seems to think that the democratic decision was “mistaken”.

There was nothing mistaken about it.

He says:

“The consequences of the vote will be numerous. More Syrians will die, many of them probably through further uses of chemical weapons.”

He cannot be serious. How many more would / will die at the hands of US and its bombs? How many of them will be civilians?

You only need to look at Iraq and Libya to see that the West’s intervention has devastated those countries and has been responsible for atrocities against minorities – particularly Christians.

Is anyone proud of those results?

Is our country any safer, any freer or any more prosperous?

The only beneficiaries of these wars are:

* the banks, which finance all sides;
* the war machine;
* despotic elements which then go on to take power;
* the “security” services and Big State proponents and corporate hangers on.

The ordinary person has lost liberty and security and is paying for it all.

I’m glad democracy won. May it gain strength, once again.

1 thought on “Democracy on the ascendant?

  1. Did you actually bother to read the article you’re replying to before doing so?

    “Mark Wallace doesn’t seem to think that the populace or Parliament should have a say in whether or not we go to war”

    I do think Parliament has made a grievous mistake – I then go on to say three paragraphs later:

    “However, it is right that this was Parliament’s mistake to make. The Conservative manifesto in 2010 promised that Royal Prerogative powers would be subject to greater democratic oversight, and so they now are. War costs lives and money, but it also changes our national identity in fundamental ways – the people’s representatives, not just the Prime Minister, must have a say in deciding to engage in it.”

    There’s a wider debate to be had about quite whether it’s libertarian to shrug while a tyrant slaughters innocent people, but you could at least start by not making up false claims about people’s opinions.

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