Edward Snowden legal defence fund

from Wikileaks:

“The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund raises money for Journalistic sources’ legal defence. Periodically it will nominate sources it wishes to direct legal and campaign aide to. For its first source it has selected Mr. Edward Snowden whose revelations have exposed the extent to which the world is being mass surveilled by the United States.

Derek Rothera & Company Charted Accountants is appointed to administer the Fund, which is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. The Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund is audited and can only spend funds on the legal defence campaign of the nominated journalistic sources. The terms of the fund and its trustees can be obtained from Rothera & Co.

Mr. Snowden is currently in Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum. The United States government is exerting substantial pressure on Russia and other countries in an attempt to force Mr. Snowden to the United States where he will face decades in prison or worse.

Mr. Snowden’s legal defence and its associated public campaign will be a long and expensive journey which will only be overcome with your support. Support the right to know. Support Edward Snowden.”

Donate here.


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