EU-US “trade deal” is reminiscent of the “Common Market”

In Ken Clarke’s piece today, the top-rated comment was removed.  It simply said something along the lines of “Fresh from the Bilderberg meeting”, meaning that Ken has his orders from them.

Isn’t it odd that the Telegraph deleted that particular, inoffensive comment, when it left so many others which personally attack Ken Clarke?  Why would they do that, if not to hide the real reason behind the Bilderberg meeting?

Lindsay Jenkins, on ConHome, senses that there’s a piece missing – something we’re not being told.

I believe that the missing piece is a trade deal between the US, which essentially melds US and EU policy in much the same way as the “Common Market” melded the UK’s and Europe’s.

What we are looking at here is the beginning of global governance that Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the WTO, spoke about in 2009.

He said, in a speech at the Bocconi University:

“Today, more than ever, our governance systems, whether in Europe or at the global level, must provide citizens with avenues for shaping tomorrow’s world, the one they want their children to inherit. Among the many regional integration attempts, the European Union remains the laboratory of international governance — the place where the new technological frontier of international governance is being tested.”

The transcript of that speech can be found here on the WTO site.

Update:  UK Column Live kindly covered this issue today.  Thank you, guys.  People are ready to hear this and your platform gives this message legs.




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