UKIP MEP Gerard Batten calls for Bilderberg investigation

After all, it is probably the biggest and most influential lobbying group in history.



2 thoughts on “UKIP MEP Gerard Batten calls for Bilderberg investigation

  1. You never know who these measurement kings are,
    could be the gardner for the rich guy down the street,
    could be a secretary for a business guy you think is a global corp.
    Did you see the movie “Arthur” – his personal man, who raised him and shaped him to take over dads business? Probably a Berger simulation.
    You just don’t know who the very powerful are by looking at them in their incognito environment.
    They have to many sub organizations -when outed will fade out of the public eye, into just another sub group.
    Orwell’s 1984 was a 100yr celebration of the Fabians technological accomplishments and a
    futuristic look at the coming tech breakthroughs.
    Google is one of the lesser worries we have.
    Will they be used ? Yea, if the Fabians can use them for a cheep operation to accomplish
    the goal.
    Don’t forget about Microsoft controlling most computers.

  2. There was a brief flurry of Common Purpose reports in the newspapers, then it went quiet. Very quiet. As if someone ‘had a word’.

    The Bilderberg reports are likely to go the same way.

    Incidentally, both were nothing more than conspiracy theories a few years back. I was one of those who regarded Common Purpose as nothing more than conspiracy back then, but they are real.

    It’s getting to the point where I would not be much surprised if Cameroid turned into a lizard live on TV.

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