Understanding UKIP

Mark Wallace “gets it” – he scores 8 out of 10 in my book.

My take is that UKIPers are passionate about justice, common sense and self-determination.

Justice does not exist in this country. The thousands of criminal offences, the complicated law, the high cost of legal representation means that “justice” is done at the government’s whim. Secret courts and juryless trials, the EAW and US extradition treaties nullify habeas corpus. That is not justice.

Common sense derives from the considered, rational opinions of intelligent, informed, compassionate people – not from the hydra of automated systems of penalties, rules and regulations, which regularise the sanity out of decision-making.

Self-determination is about the freedom to achieve on a level playing field, and the freedom to fail – provided that one does not harm others. That’s where a good justice system comes in.

But UKIPers are also about integrity. We value people with courage, conviction and honesty. We value people who are genuinely compassionate and who cannot be bought.

Try finding those values in any of the three “main” parties.

1 thought on “Understanding UKIP

  1. excellent article I am calling on everyone to copy Gandhi’s example of Non-Violent Revolution to bring down the corrupt and treasonous LibLabCon rabble in Parliament a blockade of the Parliament in London of 100-000,to demand a mass resignation of the LibLabCon Party and immediate expulsion of the EU/ECHR from Great Britain,please don’t wait untill 2015 to throw out this ConDem Coalition and see useless discredited Labour slither back in and Iceland did a simillar thing back in 2009,action must happen now an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan & tear up all treaties with the EU/ECHR/US

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